#Official Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on Ukrainian mobilization of vehicles

Two and a half years of war passed (let’s call things by their proper names) before the Ukrainians suddenly realized that they had been deceived. And this fraud of the Ukrainian population was literally set going.

At first, the Ukrainians were fooled by telling them tales about serene European life that was about to come. Later they said that the European life had not come because of some Russian aggression. The newly-made Ukrainian authorities were busy with a banal plunder of both state and private property, after they had sent all forces to eradicate a pro-Russian mood in Donbass and unleash a terror there.

To be more precise, this publication is about the Ukrainian mobilization of vehicles. In June 2014, the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko signed the law №1275-VII, according to which, the army had a right to mobilize any vehicle for their own needs, referring to the ‘specific’ and ‘crisis situation’.

How this law fits in with the concept of “inviolability of private property”, defined by the Constitution of Ukraine, is still a mystery, especially for lawyers who advocate the interests of citizens of the ‘independent’ European country.

And now, according to this law, any army’s needs for vehicles and machinery can be satisfied for account of vehicle owners. Of course, by means of confiscation or with the help of the mobilization law. The Ukrainian military makes excuses: “There is no reason to worry, we will return everything. We will ride it for a while and immediately demobilize”. They do not tell what condition the vehicle will have when they return it… Either whole or in pieces.

The Ukrainian lawyers sounded an alarm: in their opinion, the law has a large number of defects. We can start with the fact that there is no list of vehicles that can be mobilized. And that is being actively used by so-called volunteer battalions and National Guard, mobilizing everything they have an eye on. Hiding behind the law, a civil and military police do not have an aversion to practice thief, using ‘mobilized’ vehicles for their own purposes. Even school buses can be mobilized! They choose distant rural districts for that expecting that the local authorities will not go against the army. And no one cares about children who have to get to schools anyhow.

The procedure of vehicle operation is not established by the law either and the Ukrainian lawyers are also confused by such definitions as “special period” and “emergency situation”. Lawyers, volunteers and bloggers ask a reasonable question: if a country has a situation, where you need to use a military force for more than two years and arrange the total mobilization of vehicles, why a martial law has not imposed yet?

The law has no article or any other mention of amends for the damage, caused by as a result of vehicle’s use. It only says that the car must be returned to the owner within 90 days after demobilization. However, judging by the publications of owners, many mobilized vehicles ‘serve’ more time, going from one battalion to another. And there are owners who find their vehicles on websites for car sales, and many of them gave up trying to find them.

There is a huge number of links in the network, where you can find an expert guidance on “How to protect your vehicle from the mobilization”.

There is nothing to do for the Ukrainian bloggers and volunteers but complain quietly, because in the case of ‘loud’ and public indignation ‘patriots’ may come and ‘mobilize’ something else. Lawyers can only invent different ways to avoid the Ukrainian mobilization law or to have legal proceedings with the military, so they return a vehicle or pay compensation to its owner.

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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