#Official Commentary of Elena Melnick on realities of Ukraine’s integration with EU

If you look at the Europeanization process of Ukraine from the Ukrainian media perspective, you get the impression that it will be necessary to move EU headquarters to Kiev and NATO military instructors have to be trained by Ukrainian volunteer battalions. However, the process of the Ukraine’s integration with the EU is far different.

The Ukrainian media stated earlier that the Dutch Cabinet of Ministers would present its position on the Parliament’s demand concerning the Association agreement and free-trade area between Ukraine and the EU by November 1. The First Vice-Speaker of Verkhovna Rada Irina Geraschenko decided to deliver ultimatum to the Netherlands, after Dutch socialists had used a slogan of “three no” (“No is three times better: better for Ukraine, better for Netherlands and better for Europe”): “The Ukraine’s position has “three no”. The first “no” is to the beginning of new negotiations on the content of the agreement. The second one is to any changes to the text. And the last one is to a delay in the entry into force of agreement”. Judging from the fact that the Dutch government has postponed a decision on the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU, the threat of the Ukrainian parliamentarian went unheeded.

The Ukrainian media would better give news about delays in decision-making on Ukraine by the Dutch government as another ‘victory’. Or you can simply ignore this news, because it is not for the first time…

Another disappointing news has reached the Ukrainian media. It concerns the question of the long-awaited visa-free regime, which will not be discussed in November. Certainly, everyone remembers about Ukrainian officials’ statements on the introduction of visa-free regime. I think that every ‘Ukrainian patriot’ marked a date of the visa regime cancellation. Who is responsible for stealing the Ukrainian “Maidan” dream? Is it a Northern neighbor again? It is not. The responsibility was not identifies as personal, but they referred to the absence of the vote on the abolition of visa requirements for Ukrainians on the European parliament’s website. In my opinion, the work of “Ministry of Truth”, led by Stets, has shown acute underperformance and, apparently, Kremlin took away this extremely important question for Ukraine

I would like to note that a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU will not affect ordinary citizens, who are in an extremely difficult financial situation. Besides, it will not affect the Ukrainian economy either, because the middle class and young people might try to leave their homes looking for better life. And all this is confirmed by regular population surveys on where Ukrainians would like to live. In conclusion, I will add that the most common answer to this question is: “I want to live and work in Europe, but not here”. So, it turns out that Ukraine is not Europe?

Elena Melnick, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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