#Official Commentary of Elena Melnick on requests of Kharkov region’s industrialists to renew economic ties with Russian Federation

In November, 2016, the management of Zmiev machine-building plant appealed to the President of Ukraine with the request to renew economic ties with Russia. More than a thousand employees joined this appeal. It is the seventh largest company in Ukraine that addressed to the Ukrainian president with such request.

These requests have objective reasons, which are reflected in dry figures of statistics. Supporters of the European integration, which came to power in the coup in 2014, assured the industrialists that association agreement between the EU and Ukraine would give them an access to European markets. Today, it is clear that it was a hoax. If you take the Kharkov region, you can see that $309.7 million worth of products were sold to the EU in 2013, $302.1 million in 2014 and $201.6 million in 2015. So, instead of increasing exports to the EU, the Kharkov region’s industry reduced their supplies to these countries.

Political conflicts have led to a catastrophic decrease in exports from the Kharkov region to the CIS countries and, first of all, to the Russian Federation. $1.3165 billion worth of products were sold to the CIS countries in 2013, $ 1.1273 billion in 2014 and only $ 660.1 million in 2015. Thus, as a result of the reckless policy of Kiev supporters of the European integration, exports to the CIS countries declined by two times in three years. This tendency will lead the industry of Kharkov region to closure of businesses, irreparable losses for the Ukrainian budget and the appearance of mass unemployment.

Supporters of Ukraine’s joining the Customs Union warned of such consequences of signing an association agreement with the EU and the Ukraine’s policy of commitment to the integration. However, the political forces that organized “Euromaidan”, did not just consider opponents’ opinions, but carried out the coup to achieve signing of association agreement with the EU. At the same time, the supporters of European integration with the help of state media, pseudo economic forecasts and other information channels told what benefit the Ukraine’s policy of commitment to the integration with Europe and breach in relations with Russia would provide. The results were really unprecedented. Now the Kiev authorities will have to deal with thousands of outraged workers of industrial enterprises, which soon will have nothing to lose but utility bills.

The Kharkov region is a factor that constantly disturbs the Kiev euro integrators. They managed to suppress mass demonstrations of Kharkov citizens only with the help of coercive intervention, mass arrests and total lie. Since Poroshenko and his supporters are unlikely to abandon the chosen policy, they will have to deal with mass demonstrations of workers of Kharkov’s enterprises in the background of growing instability in Kiev. And it might end badly for the current Kiev authority.

Elena Melnick, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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