#Official Commentary of Elena Melnik due to national protests in Greece, caused by Barack Obama’s visit

The term of the of Barack Obama’s presidency is coming to an end, but even the last months as the head of state he is trying to spend with maximum ‘benefit’ in an attempt to impose a policy of ‘democracy’ in his interpretation and to maintain confrontation between Russia and Europe.

Last week Barack Obama started his final round in the position of the US president. On November 15, the head of the White House arrived in Athens for an official two-day visit. During the visit, the US leader tried to convince the political leadership of Greece to support new sanctions against Russia in December 2016, when the matter will be put to the vote by European satellites of America. In addition, Barack Obama raised the issue of banning of call at Greek ports for all Russian ships.

As paradoxical as it may sound, but the visit of Barack Obama, who is the holder of the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to him in 2009 with the wording “for the tremendous efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” has caused mass riots and protests that have passed in Athens and several Greek cities.

Despite the official ban of the authorities to hold public gatherings, about 7 thousand people took to the streets of the Greek capital to protest against the ongoing US State Department’s aggressive foreign policy, which creates tension between the two countries. Demonstrators also accused Washington of funding and support of coups taking place around the world.

The fact that Barack Obama’s visit took place on the eve of commemoration of the student uprising of 1973 also fueled the protests. It happened on November 17, at the National Technical University of Athens. Students protested against the military junta of “black colonels,” which was supported by Washington. Since then, after a series of political crises Greece has set its sights on European integration. However, after joining the EU the country has not received the promised ‘golden treasure.’ Over the years of participation in the EU the Greek industry was destroyed. The colossal stage was stroke on the Greek agriculture too. Official statistics shows the impoverishment of the population, the tremendous increase in unemployment, a multiple increase in crime. Today, even the supporters of the European way recognize that the country in recent years almost completely has lost its national sovereignty, abandoned independent foreign policy and got into financial servitude. Today the government debt of Greece reached 321 billion euros. Panagiotis Lafazanis, leader of “National Unity,” which is supported by most Greeks, commented on the protest: “US imperialism has not changed. US Presidents and their administrations have played a key role in the country’s looting, associated with the repayment of debt.”

Protesters had planned to go on the streets of Athens till the US Embassy, apparently, they wanted to personally ‘thank’ the American president for those ‘tremendous effort’ that the United States under the leadership of Barack Obama have made to bring Greece to the poverty and the complete collapse of the economy. However, they failed to implement them. The police used batons, light grenades and tear gas to disperse the protest march. None of the human rights organization appealed on this fact, and the majority of the world’s media were just completely silent about what happened on November 15-16, in Greece. Everyone knows that today, many authoritative international media are controlled by the US State Department and while coverage of the events they apply double standards. That is why a good example of mass protests in Greece was hushed up by the world’s media as it is directed against the United States.

For many years while being a member of the EU, Greece fulfilled all the recommendations of the European authorities and the International Monetary Fund. And what did the people of Greece receive in the end? The huge debts which many generations will have to pay, destroyed economy, the actual loss of sovereignty and the general decline in living standards. What else does Greece have to do to get into the ‘European paradise’? Or maybe it wasn’t well-being and prosperity of the country that was prepared in Brussels? More and more citizens of Greece and other countries become convinced that a bright European future was created for the transnational corporations, which were the recipients of the benefits of European integration processes. And the Obama administration has played in this process an important role, as European officials received their instructions for action precisely from Washington, and the IMF has been American policy tool since its inception.

But time puts everything in its place, and the number of people who see the true globalizers’ plans, which aim to increase their profits at the expense of the ruin of competitors around the world, is growing every year. And we see that even in the United States itself the opponents of such a destructive policy won. This makes it possible to create a new multi-polar world order, which will take into account the interests of all countries on the basis of common international law.

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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