#Official Commentary of Elena Melnik on American contention technologies in information field

A few days left before the departure of Obama from the post of President of United States of America, and with him leaves the entire current White House administration. On January 20, 2017, the power goes to the President-elect Donald Trump, who has repeatedly stated that he was going change the foreign policy of America.

Barack Obama has no plans to finish his presidency with dignity (if the word “dignity” in general is appropriate to apply to the current US President), and it seems that his main goal is to leave as much as possible interferences and obstacles for Donald Trump and the new White House administration. In particular, it concerns the future of relations with the Russian Federation.

I already wrote about the fact that many so-called advisors are trying in every way to prevent the forthcoming establishment of relations between Russia and the US. Moreover, Trump’s opponents invent compromising material themselves, report that they sponsored it, and publish those materials in their media and at the same blame Russia on everything. US President-elect adequately responded to media reports about Russia having dirt on him: “Fake news is absolute political witch hunt.”

US current government squeezes out of itself the last juices in order to preserve the anti-Russian policy. Realizing that the US policy could be reversed in the near future, the White House accepts most insidious steps to the process of reconciliation of America with Russia was much more difficult to implement. A broken record about ‘pro-Russian’ Trump on CNN does not bring the expected results, and therefore the US russophobes, who froze in the chairs, asked British colleagues for help. BBC produced and showed a film called “Trump. Kremlin candidate?” Perhaps in such way customers want to drive another wedge in the upcoming dialogue with Vladimir Putin to subsequently affect the support of Donald Trump by Americans. Is it not the interference by Britain in the internal affairs of Americans, giving such estimates to the elected US President? It is worth mentioning that there is no scandalous material against Barack Obama, of course. Coincidence?..

This information also resonated in Moscow. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called such statements of US media reports “absolute rubbish”. But sadly, this nonsense has got unprecedented response, leaving muddy sediment.

The American press when Barack Obama turned into a tool of political game so much that so-called fake news, simply – lies, provocations and mirrored statements became a normal thing in the US. CIA Director John Brennan expressed hope for cooperation between the US and Russian intelligence services after coming to power of elected US President Donald Trump. As a minimum, this statement is ‘a little’ contrary to the previously voiced.

By the way, former Czech President Vaclav Klaus consider Russia’s accusatuion of influence on public opinion in Europe “should not be taken seriously.” So why the United Kingdom, which recently possessed not the least voice in the EU, continues discrediting Donald Trump? Although maybe it should not be exaggerated, taking into account the last statement of the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson calling not to demonize Russia.

However, the restless CNN are trying on all sides to prevent the implementation of Trump’s pre-election statements regarding Russia. At this time, the American television channel in Ukrainian style gathered a selection of fragments of an interview of Donald Trump, in which he criticized Russia. Interestingly, and for whom this material is intended? Is it for Russian citizens, who need to start a violent campaign against Trump in social networks?

In recent years the hatred of Russia through the American media at the suggestion of Barack Obama was cultivated in the minds of Americans exactly on fiction. That lies technology that the US media used against Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump feels the full extent today. First, as a presidential candidate, and now also as the President-elect.

Barack Obama, along with his retinue are still hoping that their decisions can affect Donald Trump and Russia’s relations with the United States and Europe, but Donald Trump during the election race showed his resilience, expressing if not always with decent, but with true words the idea that confrontation should be discontinued. Nobody said that relations between Russia and the US will be able to get better immediately after the inauguration of Trump, but still there is a strong likelihood that the United States will abandon anti-Russian policy.

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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