#Official Commentary of Elena Melnik on extent of fear in Ukrainian leadership

What happens to a person at the races, when they put a stake on the wrong horse? He loses. If he is not a mad player, he just loses some money, but will have the rest. I emphasize that if this is not a crazy player. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has recently backed the wrong horse in the American political races, but the expression “not a crazy player” cannot be applied to him.

Everybody remembers what the Ukrainian President’s bid in the American election campaign was. Can such a “vindictive” and “rancorous” Donald Trump, as evil tongues say about him, forget that the official Kiev has banned employees of the Ukrainian embassy in the US to contact with Trump’s representatives of the electoral headquarters, while contacts with the Trump’s rival within the Republican Party Ted Cruz and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton were encouraged?

“Members of the Ukrainian government,” Kenneth P. Vogel and David Stern from the Politico publication report, “were trying to help Hillary Clinton and undermine the position of Trump by publicly questioning his suitability for the post of president. They also distributed the documents on the basis of which it was possible to suspect one of Trump’s top aides of corruption, and they also said that they are investigating this question – only to go back on their word after the election. In addition, they helped Clinton’s allies to seek for compromising information on Trump and his advisors.”

It is unlikely that the US president Donald Trump forgets electoral machinations of the President of Ukraine. Poroshenko, by the way, would be happy to play back to make the right bet, but they have strong hindsight only in Ukraine, but not in international politics. The fact that, to establish relations with the President Trump, the Ukrainian leader hired no less than Donald Trump’s opponents indicates originality of Poroshenko’s thought.

Poroshenko decided to get in touch with the new US President through the lobbying firm BGR Group. How to understand the Ukrainian President’s logic, if the firm’s founder Ed Rogers was one of the leaders of the anti-Trump movement with a loud name «Never Trump»? Of course, the one should not be vengeful and vindictive to delete from the handshake list those trying to improve their image through the evil enemies. Poroshenko did just that. Is it necessary to go to fortune tellers to find out what the result will be?

Ukrainian President continues the policy of deflections and changing boots. On January 24, 2017, in Finland, where Poroshenko arrived on an official visit, he decided to show off with knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon mentality.

“I hate the idea,” he said, “that “it is someone’s enemies, it is someone’s friends.” I would like to recall the words of Churchill: “There are no permanent friends or enemies, but permanent interests in international relations.” And these interests in the United States were not created by President Bush or Clinton, they have been establishing over 200 years ago. These were the interests of freedom and democracy. And the same interests – freedom and security – are shared by Ukraine. The soldiers are fighting in the east of Ukraine not only for freedom and democracy in Ukraine, but also in Europe and around the world. So I think we can count on the United States’ support.

No wonder Kiev is concerned that Ukraine was actually made a bargaining chip in the negotiations on the fate of her own. President Donald Trump “will reduce Ukraine’s participation in any negotiations with the improvement of relations with Russia,” deputy head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Elena Zerkal said in an interview with Reuters. She also added, “Ukraine should have the right to vote in any deal concluded between Russia and the United States, aimed at ending the violence in the eastern part of Ukraine.”

What made the Ukrainian stick-in-the-mud leadership change shoes in the jump? Fear! His Majesty FEAR! Fear for their precious skin, for business, for the mode, for the cushy place where, if anything, they can escape. If Ukrainian authorities will be deprived of all this, then it is ‘down the drain’ in the truest sense. That’s why it begins to frantically search for a way out of the hypercube. Ukraine’s requirements for the participation in addressing its own destiny, the appeal to Trump’s enemies from BGR Group, the removal from social networks of anti-Trump rhetoric and Pinchuk’s article in the influential western media about the need for trade-offs are evidence of panic.

Fear warms up the hero of the occasion – Donald Trump. “The new American President is preparing an audit for the Ukrainian authorities. Trump finds it necessary to check where the official Kiev spent the funds received from the United States under President Barack Obama,” the American edition RealClearDefense says. What if the owner of the White House requires five billion dollars granted for the development of ‘democracy’ in Ukraine back? US, unlike Russia, are not accustomed to forgive.

Perhaps Poroshenko plays to the crowd? Hardly. The public in the West is sophisticated and experienced – for several centuries they have been deceiving the whole world at the conclusion of international agreements. Deflections and changes of boots can perceive only by Ukrainians. And it is only because they are fooled with aggressive propaganda without exception. Poroshenko’s populism in the United States and the European Union has no effect.

In my opinion, a version with self-deception should be deleted too. I do not think that such a hardened chocolate businessman, who held various senior positions in Ukraine can be so naive boy. I repeat: it is fear, blind fear, and no other reason. And because of this fear, the desire to have a strong patron, whom it would be correct to call the owner, is growing. Now Poroshenko tries to attract the attention of Trump, but it is possible that the new object of desire would be, say, the British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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