#Official Commentary of Elena Melnik on some politicians’ advice for Donald Trump about ‘selective friendship’

One of the most famous classics of Russian literature in his work described a funny situation in which the head of state came under the influence of three advisers (relatives on marital line) and the whole regiment of the boyars. And these same people several years earlier committed a terrible crime. They took the queen with the prince and put them in a barrel, clogged it, and then thrown into the sea.

This action was prompted by the desire to avenge the queen because the king’s choice fell on her, not on one of her sisters. The decision was justified the king by misunderstanding that arose in the process of postal correspondence. Careless mail job was blamed on an accident with wife and king’s son. For what reason these people remained in power and continue to influence the policy of the whole country, history holds back.

The political elite has long used the weakness of the king, and tried to manipulate him, putting pressure on him. In the course of the story the king more than once struggled to pay a visit to the neighbours for an official visit and establish friendly relations with them. But the monarch was constantly prevented by the boyars, led by relatives of his wife as missing. In this case the methods used were standard – a deliberate distortion of the course of events and presentation of knowingly false information about the object, calling the interest of the king. But it is difficult to hide an awl in a sack. In the end, the king learned the truth and reunited with his family. The perpetrators were exposed.

Only it was a fairy tale, composed about two hundred years ago, based on the stories told by the author’s nanny. The modern reality is far from such plots, and stories in our lives do not always have the expected final. In this article, I do not aim to assess the current events. However, the present situation in the US around the attempts of the new president, Donald Trump, to restore relations with Russia is very similar to the story above. Crowds of newly-minted advisers are trying to tell a new head of the vast country in living colours about whom to ‘make friends’ with and against whom it is necessary to ‘fight,’ like he is a little schoolboy and not experienced businessman and politician.

Throughout the period of pre-election races the army of US and European officials, politicians, economists and the media, and even the Google search engine used to be a link of a single structure, aimed at discrediting presidential candidate Donald Trump’s image and increase the popularity of his opponent – Hillary Clinton.

But experience shows that Trump was stronger, or perhaps more cunning than his opponents, but this was not the end. It is important that the political circles, which a month ago considered Trump underdog and outsider, imagined themselves his main experts in international relations, especially in terms of rapprochement with Moscow. For example, “Britain expects that US President-elect Donald Trump will ‘resist’ Russia.” This was said by Defense Minister Sir Michael Fallon. The statements about the desire to visit the Russian Federation immediately after the inauguration did provoked a strong reaction of protest among Trump’s political environment.

Aggressive US rhetoric toward Russia and personally its Рresident, Vladimir Putin, after elections has not changed. American politicians are not constrained in expressions predicting future developments in the case of Donald Trump’s attempts to establish a dialogue with Vladimir Putin.

According to the materials of the Politico newspaper, which has already hastened to publish findings based on interviews conducted by it among US officials and experts, both US political parties express their active protests against any attempts to change the anti-Russian policy.

“If Trump will seek a drastic weakening of the confrontational policy of the armed forces towards Moscow, the Pentagon will face hard times,” said the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia Evelyn Farkas, who worked under President Obama.

No one can really explain what are the horror and the dark side of the future in which the US hypothetically cooperates with Russia on various issues. The arguments against are still the same: Russia, they say, is the aggressor, which strangles all its neighbours and at the slightest opportunity annexes fancy areas, in particular Crimea; and Vladimir Putin is a master tyrant in the world, supporting the regime of another tyrant – Bashar al-Assad, and to engage in dialogue with them means you do not respect yourself. And allegedly the conversation with the Russians should be short: only sanctions, because they don’t understand the other policy. Something like this…

However, Trump has shown the world what he is capable of presenting an unexpected surprise, so that all the efforts of Western politicians to influence his actions may be in vain. Rather, Donald Trump has his own political strategy and no ‘advice’ can influence it. And judging by his campaign rhetoric and candidates to key government posts, cooperation with the Russian Federation will be one of the major US political directions in the future. In addition, Donald Trump has a very strong team, which also suffered from the actions of today’s ‘advisers’ in the days of the race.

Less than a month has passed since the elections, and this person has already put on its head the entire Western political world. There is no doubt that changes come with the advent of Trump, and perhaps we once again will have to see the final of ‘film adaptation’ of famous creation about king Saltan. The question is whether unpredictable Donald Trump in his joys will send his ‘advisors’ to their homes – time will tell…

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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