#Official Commentary of Eugeny Orlov on American methods of distraction

US firmly established itself as a propagandist-state, especially if the published materials deal with Russia. And now, standing on the threshold of major domestic changes, namely the presidential election, the US media at the suggestion of the authorities are trying to link the event with Russia.

Notorious Times newspaper has recently released another article on the Russian Federation’s military operation in Syria which indicates that “a full-scale assault on Aleppo” is brewing, which will be held just during the US elections and the transition period following them. In addition, in the framework of this ‘analytics’ journalists did not forget to mention once again that the Russian military allegedly destroy not the ISIS terrorists, but “moderate opposition”, i.e. those who disagree with the policy of President Assad. Analysts, whose information the article refers to, are urging emphatically: ‘treacherous’ Putin needs only war, and the ‘peace-loving’ US struggles to confront ‘brazen militarism’. But it is not specified how exactly they confront it. Because the situation has not changed significantly for all the time of the US’s ‘struggle’ with the terrorists.

President Obama’s policy in Syria is openly recognized as a failure and ineffective, the years of ISIS groups’ ‘destruction’ have been wasted. So it is much easier to run propaganda machine and justify his every mistake with made-up threats from the Russian Federation, convince the global community of things that are beneficial, but not take real measures to address the growing split within his own country. Today, many Americans believe that during the reign of Obama the States became even more fragmented due to racial differences, income inequality, extremism and terrorist threats. I think while staying the last days at his post, Obama clearly understands that he was not the best president of his country. His futile attempts to somehow justify in the public eye resemble the dying convulsions: he will not succeed justify support for terrorism, the killing of civilians, destruction of state of another country as well as to shift the blame to another state.

In fact, I am not surprised that these opuses have appeared in the US media on the eve of elections. States which are accustomed to consider themselves the center of the universe, are very fond of presenting everything that happens in the country to the international community as a high priority event. In this situation, the US tried to kill two birds with one stone – once again focus on the change of the American leader and weave intrigues around the situation in Syria. Did they succeed? It’s not up to me to decide, but I think the Americans first need to seriously think about the fact that today their own country is on the verge of a splitting horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

The whole world is already tired of US’s pathological self-centeredness and hypocrisy, and the Americans are extremely tired of their mission of the High Priest. And majority of people in the world are hoping that today the lesser evil will win.

Eugene Orlov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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