# Official Commentary of Evgeny Orlov about whom Ukrainians consider their best president

Less than three years, the Ukrainians finally realized that “revolution of dignity” led them to extreme poverty and hopelessness instead of attractive changes in the form of a visa-free regime, European wages and pensions.

Most of the country’s population appeared below the poverty line, the economy is destroyed ‘totally’, plants were stopped, social benefits were eliminated. The state is under external government, the chaos and war are in the country…

Ukraine really made a surge, not forward, but backward. For the whole history of its existence, such a disappointment of ruling regime has not been in humans yet. And every day the trust of citizens in the ‘maidan’ leaders is dwindling.

How to be funny it may seem, but the latest opinion poll, coincided with the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, show that a third of the Ukrainian population (32% of respondents) believe that the best president for the time of the country’s existence was none other than Victor Yanukovich. By the way, the second place of rating with the result of 31% took a hypothetical candidate who in the future ‘will take place of Poroshenko’. And it is not surprising that in the survey a person, in fact, without a face and  name was able to outrank the current president. This points to the fact that the choice of the people Poroshenko as the Head of state is recognized as a mistake that to change him at least someone, but to other, and it is necessarily not from the circle of the current political elite of Ukraine, it is better than he is elected for a new term.

“How is it possible – you ask – in a country where the overthrow of Yanukovich has become almost a national idea, which had been  rushed to bring in all the books of modern history of Ukraine?”. Looking back at the changes that the new government brought in the country, ordinary people began gradually to compare life “before” and “after.” Global changes have not happened: just one oligarchs and corrupt officials changed others, lies and acquisitiveness of ‘tops’ have led to the impoverishment of ordinary citizens. Utility rates, the cost of which is too high at times, for many was sentenced to death by starvation. Meantime the powers grow rich …

Evgeny Orlov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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