#Official Commentary of Evgeny Orlov on anti-Ukrainian actions of Georgian delegation in PACE

Having refused from the friendship with Russia, Ukraine started intensively looking for allies in other neighboring countries, and in particular, Georgia. Hoping for further support, Ukraine for some reason took care of Saakashvili and gave him a place among the political elite. But expectations of a long-awaited support have never been justified…

At the last meeting of the PACE Georgian delegation did not support the Ukrainian decision that caused uproar both in the political environment, and in the ranks of ordinary citizens. Immediately Ukrainians and not only they started accusing an alleged ally of “treason” and “betrayal”. By the way, a similar opinion was expressed by the politicians of the Georgian opposition, whose rhetoric completely coincides with the position of governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili, in this they called delegation’s action in the PACE “disgrace to the current government of Georgia.”

As for the reaction of the Ukrainian side, I can say that it is quite predictable. We see not the first time, how sharply yesterday’s ‘brothers’ who one way or another have not pleased the country of victorious nationalism become ‘sworn enemies’. Ukraine today is a sample of the country in which there is only one ‘correct’ opinion and only one model of behaviour in relation to the ‘independent’.

It is worth noting that in the relations between official Kyiv and Tbilisi everything is not as smooth as Ukrainian politicians would like it to: in fact, it is the opposition forces, which to a lesser extent have an impact on government policy, that express support, but nevertheless on this basis Ukrainian parliament decided that countries are allies. In a situation where Georgia does not even have the Ukrainian Ambassador and diplomatic relations are in crisis, it is rather lightly, but so typical for the current ignorant Ukrainian politicians to expect help and support from the Georgian colleagues.

Georgian opposition, which has Saakashvili as the mouthpiece of propaganda, in reality just play skillfully in this situation. Given that they also reluctantly cast their votes in support of the Ukrainian decisions, as well as representatives of the current government, it should be stated that the applications on ‘betrayal of the brotherly Ukrainian people’ are nothing more than a standard PR move. There is a private political battle inside Georgia, and Ukrainian topic is suitable for resonance discussions and gaining loyalty of the people. And it’s really just a ‘topic’. Did Kiev politicians seriously think that the Georgian opposition together with Saakashvili is interested in the fate of the Ukrainian state?

Once again allegedly independent Ukraine has become a sort of testing ground for the implementation of foreign political ambitions. Successful US experience in the use of Ukraine for their own benefit is taken over skillfully and brilliantly realized. Meanwhile, a simple Ukrainian people through the prism of the Ukrainian mass media perceives the information according to the established pattern “betrayal – victory”, absolutely not thinking about the essence of what is happening around.

Despite the words of the President Poroshenko of Ukraine supported by the world community, in fact country has appeared completely useless, including its political elite. They refused from Russia, a true friend and reliable partner, on the personal initiative. The result of these actions is known: Ukraine is in deep crisis, but this choice has been made on their own.

Eugene Orlov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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