#Official Commentary of Evgeny Orlov on cancelled meeting of Russian and French presidents

There is a great deal of talk in French policy circles about systematic loss of the Fifth Republic’s independence in the foreign policy. Hollande’s words about his intention to tell Vladimir Putin personally about inadmissibility of supporting the Syrian authorities’ actions in Aleppo gave occasion to such statements.

In my opinion, the head of the state with the reputation of trendsetter missed the moment, when such hypocrisy has become unfashionable and inefficient. If you try to figure out the meaning of his words, it turns out that the leader of one country (Hollande) expresses its opposition to another leader (Putin) that he supports the actions of the legitimate head of the third country (Assad) after his official assistance request. It would be interesting to see the reaction of the French president, when Vladimir Putin would have told Mr. Hollande about inadmissibility of supporting Poroshenko’s regime, who has military air forces at his command and which bombed the center of Lugansk on June 2. Moreover, the air strike are carried out against the organizations recognized by the world community as terrorists one, and against Donbass people who were ‘awarded’ with the same status by the Ukrainian authority. I cannot even imagine how the UN and western tabloids would react to it afterwards.

But Francois Hollande did not take into consideration the fact that there are not that many supporters of France’s role as the US puppet in the French parliament. The deputy of the National Assembly of France Thierry Mariani ʺis under the impression that France is an appendage of the US State Department, and the French foreign policy is nothing but a replica of the US belligerent foreign policyʺ.

Another French parliamentarian, the Nicolas Sarkozy’s party member Valérie Boyer emphasized that ʺthe French parliament is focused on the US position without realizing the interests of Russia and Europeʺ.

The member of the “France, arise” party, the lawyer Damien Lamperёr considered ʺsuch statements as an indulgence in current US administration’s courseʺ. The secretary of the Left Party on the foreign affairs and defence Djordje Kuzmanovic assessed the actions of the national leader: ʺHe should have cancelled the meeting with the King of Saudi Arabia, who Francois Hollande presented the Order of the Legion of Honour. While Saudi Arabia, unlike Russia, sponsors terrorists who organize acts of terror in France and wages a war in Yemenʺ.

In my opinion, this is a wrong topic to discuss on the planned agenda of the Russian leader’s visit to Paris. Especially, the situation in Aleppo has already been discussed in the UN Security Council. I hope that the French leader did not expect that Russia would change its designated position after his statements. I can only agree with the statement addressed to his team that indulging the US and UK will reflect badly on the national interests of France, as it has already affected the French farmers.

Kremlin “delicately” referred to the fact that some programme events could be held after the cancellation of Vladimir Putin’s visit to Paris. Hollande’s reaction corresponded to the diplomatic etiquette in PACE: ʺI am always ready to meet with Vladimir Putinʺ.

It is worth noting that the owners of the Ukrainian media, who, as a matter of fact,  are the Ukrainian authorities, were extremely dissatisfied with the behavior of the French leader at the plenary session of PACE. Francois Hollande said that ʺhe considered the local elections (in the Donbass – Ed.) to be a pressing issue, rather than regaining control over the Ukrainian-Russian border by Kievʺ. The Ukrainian media reports its readers that ʺUkraine says that the political part of the Minsk agreements, especially holding of elections, will be implemented when the border with Russia will be closed and Russian units would be withdrawn. The Russian Federation and the militants maintain the opposite positionʺ. It is interesting, who Mr. Hollande, according to the Ukrainian media, is and who has just said that first elections than border? I suppose they found him to be “a militant”, because he has not been represented as the Russian Federation representative yet.

Sometimes I think that the Ukrainian authorities do not care about what their so-called partners say. Ukraine turned into a juke-box and which plays a song for the one who throw a coin in. Concerning about the political rating in the world arena, defending the national interests and even common sense is not included in the “made in USA” programme called “Ukraine project”

Evgeny Orlov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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