#Official Commentary of Evgeny Orlov on envious position of West in relation to Crimea

Crimea is a small piece of land because of which the debate has been continuing around the world for more than two years. The peninsula is still the subject of Ukrainian-Russian discord and causes senseless sanctions imposed by Europe and the United States against Russia.

In most parts of Europe the transfer of Crimea to Russia was apprehended in bayonets, and sanctions on all and sundry were imposed. But time has shown that this tactic has not conceived its effect. Soon European politicians one after another not only began to change their point of view – they began to arrive in Crimea and write shocking reports. European politicians were convinced that Crimea is not starving, there is no concentration camp in it, and on the contrary – Crimea is being restored and even thrives. There is peace and tranquility, despite all the troubles that Ukraine causes.

As for the US, they started also with sanctions, condemnations and prohibitions against Crimea and Russia. But two years after the Crimean resorts were visited by many residents of Ukraine. During this time, Crimea has experienced energy blockade arranged by Ukrainian radicals, completed the next stage of the construction of an energy bridge and laid a bridge connecting it to the mainland of Russia. However, provocative speech does not cease to pour from the mouths of US State Department officials, accusing Russia of aggression, oppression, increasing Russian forces, persecution, or simply of the fact of Russia’s existence.

Let’s try to deal with this complex issue. Why Crimea’s reunification with Russia causes such resentment in the US?

What was Crimea to Ukraine?

Ukrainian media excitedly say that after the war Ukraine restored Crimea, it was subsidized region, ballast, which simply dragged the whole country to the bottom (as, indeed, Donbass did ). But let’s be honest: yes, Crimea was a part of Ukraine, but it has always remained Russian. Crimeans always considered Ukraine as occupant. And Sevastopol is one of those Russian cities which has always been and is the center of Russian military glory, the hero-city. It is for this reason that Crimea split from Ukraine so easily just because Crimeans were coming back home.

What did Europeans think about Crimea?

Nothing. They have enough of their resorts. In Europe there is enough of coastline, and vineyards, and the old beautiful castles, and cliffs and mountains. Joining of Crimea to Russia violated the established order of the world in the eyes of the European authorities. But now, overloaded with refugee and constant attacks, Europe can only sluggishly assent to its overseas partners and does not dare to recognize the referendum in Crimea and the will of its citizens as legal.

What was Crimea for the USA?

US may consider their main mission of bringing peace in the world. And wherever they appear, the world is instantly turns into chaos, coups d’etat, civil wars with all ensuing consequences.

America has had special plans for the peninsula. US planned to send away the Russian fleet from the Black Sea and strengthen their presence. The American plan was to arrange in Crimea one of their bases and place on it a missile defense system near by the Russian side. This would allow them to monitor all the airspace of the Russian south. It is for this reason that the United States helped their Ukrainian colleagues to arrange this whole farce with European integration, a coup d’etat and the negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

But Crimea was literally taken away from under the very nose of America. And now the only thing that is left to do is to recalculate Russian arms and, kicking whilst themselves, broadcast again and again that Russia is increasing its forces while being on its own territory. After the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that in Crimea a self-contained group of Russian troops was launched, the State Department said that “it is unacceptable”. According to US State Department spokesman John Kirby, “Crimea will always be a part of Ukraine.”

In my opinion, anti-Russian hysteria associated with the returning of Crimea to home port, becomes politically incorrect charges that are contrary to the official statements of the desire to establish friendly relations with Russia. Claiming human rights a priority and at the same time turning a blind eye to the will of in uncontrolled by the West areas of the world, the politicians who hold double standards are no longer able to maintain control even in their territories. The only thing to do now is to recall that the results of this activity are displayed in the sad history of whole civilizations. And if the initiators of this hypocrisy will not stop very soon, history will observe their decline…

Evgeny Orlov, deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR

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