#Official Commentary of Evgeny Orlov on European tolerance towards refugees

In Europe, there is one terrorist attack after another. Politicians call their citizens for tolerance and promise that migrants from Africa and the Middle East will be able to accept cultural behaviour of Europe.However, what is happening in European cities? Regular shooting in the streets, in restaurants, theaters, where “representatives” of the Middle East participate. European women are not given peace from men of oriental appearance. They are ignorant, careless and untidy, impervious to foreign foundations, religion, fashion.


Refugees in Europe creep away in all directions, bridging panic and chaos among Europeans accustomed to well-fed and relaxed lifestyle. Refugees do not want to work, though, perhaps by letting them into their country, European leaders relied on cheap labor. They require benefits, good nutrition and healthcare, while they have nothing to give in return. The police often try to gloss over their crimes, and victims are strongly recommended to just shut and keep quiet.

Whatever the media all over the world write about the latest events in Europe, for me personally they cause not only confusion, but also the understanding that these processes are consciously managed by an invisible hand.

In fact, we observe that the established and seemingly strong European world is undergoing a downfall, notably, on the very Europe’s hands. The reasons for suicide may be a number of factors, one of which lies in the events related to the “Arab Spring” and military conflicts in the Middle East, which is happening with the direct involvement of Europe. The military confrontation in the Middle East has been going on for several years, and during this period a continuous river of refugees is entering Europe.

As I remember, it’s never caused major protests neither from ordinary Europeans, nor on the part of their leaders. But in recent years the flow of people has increased by several times, as if someone deliberately sends them there. Moreover, the refugees now are mostly men of military age from the Middle East, while a large part of the Syrian women, the elderly and children have settled in Turkey and don’t see any reason to go further. If before their route was mainly through Sicily, now they are transported by the sea in the leaky boats first to the shores of Greece, and then through Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia they get into central and northern Europe. It may be added that the refugees are well aware of routes in advance, stopping places and transit points, all transport interchanges and infrastructure.

Analysts, estimating income from the illegal transportation of migrants to Europe with forged documents, indicate at the amount of 15 billion dollars a year! In refugee camps, organized in Europe on the money of the very Europeans, daily skirmishes take place, including the use of weapons and the uncontrolled flow of people, who will pass all borders without any inspections, represent a new route for drug trafficking at its very heart. It is too late to say that among the refugees there are hundreds, and maybe thousands of terrorists from the ISIS who penetrated Europe: terrorist attacks are becoming a commonplace event there.

But despite all of the above, refugees getting to Europe, for example, in Germany or Belgium, can count on good benefits as, for instance, terrorist attacks performers in Brussels, who were paid about 50 thousand euros. It turns out that Europeans have paid from their own pockets for attacks and killings of their fellow citizens.

I do not think that the European Politicians consider all refugees innocent. I believe that the flow of refugees is controlled by the force that includes representatives of not only one nation or country. This power does not require technical progress, it does not need science. It is completely self-sufficient, and its source of existence – only chaos, corruption and financial-speculative scheme in which money is made out, we can say, of thin air, including in armed conflicts. It seems that this force is an alliance of criminal and completely legal structures. Its representatives get into politics, economy and social life, pursuing goals and objectives of their own enrichment only. This force does not care how many will be destroyed and victims there will be in this country.

In such a situation it is difficult to make any forecasts. We can only state the fact that Europe is now bogged down in flow of refugees and is unable to control their own security. In addition, countries hosting refugees in a rush of manifestation of tolerance are already under the threat of losing their national identity.

Evgeny Orlov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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