#Official Commentary of Evgeny Orlov on latest “mistaken” US air strikes

American troops continue to maintain their world status of ‘Army of intimidation.’ Analysing their actions, nobody dares to call them “peacekeepers” even at a stretch. One of the latest incidents involving air strikes on Afghanistan, when eight people were killed, shows once again that the United States seeks to dominate the world, and make it clear through the usual use of force: ‘democracy’ cannot be established without them.

One example of allegedly their impact is actions of the US Air Force in Syria. The US government is openly against the government of Bashar al-Assad and strengthens the so-called ‘moderate Syrian opposition,’ while taking no concrete action in the fight against the terrorists of the “Islamic state.”

Of course, the State Department does not consider ISIS’s victory in the Syrian conflict, because the United States struggles to be seen by the public as brave fighters against the world threat. The fact that the “Islamic state” rebels are controlled by the States, is being strongly hidden, however, they continue to be the instrument of influence of the American political elite on the situation in Syria. It is worth to take into account another important aspect: no one can guarantee that the “Islamic state” wouldn’t begin operating independently and wouldn’t oppose their ‘sponsors.’ Given these nuances, the United States conducts their favorite policy of double standards: they do not choose to support a specific direction, but actually fight against everyone. Syria thus acts as a sticking point of terrorism spreading. The question of the existence or complete destruction of the ISIS is solved, in fact, on its territory.

Similar situation exists in Afghanistan, where pseudo-fight against extremism has already lasted for 14 years. According to the former of President, Hamid Karzai, the presence of peacekeeping forces of NATO and the United States does more damage than good: civilians suffer, while the Taliban continues occupying province by province without much resistance. The US Air Force carried out an airstrike, which killed eight policemen, it appears, by mistake. Although, according to the Afghan Interior Ministry, the plan of operations against the Taliban has been agreed with the staff of the US command in Afghanistan, where the exact coordinates of the location of terrorists have also been transferred. Nevertheless, the US Air Force commits airstrikes, guided by logic, understandable only to them.

The most cynical in this situation is the fact that all their inhuman actions are reduced to a simple word “mistake,” which they can always find a weighty justification for. Returning to the Syrian conflict, it is appropriate to recall the statement of ambassador Samantha Power on the decision of the Russian Federation to hold an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council into the next “mistaken” strike of the Western coalition against Syria: “They should not have held an emergency meeting, because even if the strike hit the government troops, it was by mistake.” The point here is that the attack was not accidental, this is a deliberate attack on government troops. However, the United States is not going to recognise this, because the murder was presented as “an unfortunate misunderstanding” so easily and mercilessly.

The very initiator of military conflicts, striving for world hegemony at any price, is hiding under the auspices of the peacekeeping struggle. But for how long the end will justify the means?

Over 14 years of stay of US troops in Afghanistan, the government of the country has determined the position in relation to peacekeeping forces: the Afghan Interior Minister Taj Mohammad Jahid has proposed to revise the agreement between Kabul and Washington, to protest the actions of the US Air Force, as well as to hold a meeting of the National Security Council of Afghanistan.

The peace plan is not working, it is completely discredited and forgotten for a long time. It is obvious that as long as the States will bear the world “democracy” in their vision, it is not worth relying on the conflict resolution. US in its current form are the empire of war and chaos, and they need peace and prosperity only in their own country.

Eugene Orlov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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