#Official Commentary of Evgeny Orlov on rejection of Russian draft resolution on combating Nazism by OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Over the past few years, the Donbass residents remark on the OSCE mission: the representatives of this global organization suffer from hearing and visual impairment.

They take no notice from what side the civilian towns are shelled. More than two years they diligently don’t recognize our people genocide. They find the most absurd excuses for the actions, made by the Ukrainian punitive, which cause death to our children. Now they have to justify the expression of neo-Nazism, rejecting any attempts of its preventing.

I accuse this organization in no way, since I have no right. I ask them – have you really forgotten what Nazism can lead to? Is it possible to find a justification for murder and robbery for some political reasons? Don`t you understand what the revival of Nazism in Ukraine and in the Baltic countries will lead to?

OSCE declares its impartiality, they say, that they don`t come over to smb`s side. However, at the same time they turn a blind eye to Nazi torchlight processions on the streets and avenues of the cities in the centre of Europe. They see or hear about no doctors-killers, who openly declare that they were killing people on the operating table. They notice no politicians, claiming that robbing and killing of separatists is not a crime.

Apparently, it is a high time to remind Europe that fascism, which unleashed the Second World War, didn`t occur during a day. It expanded and grew for years, the ideology was aligned with it, symbols were painted, religion was created. Fascism divided people into higher and lower classes, into dignified ones and those who may be neglected.

Fascism carried away millions of lives, and today goody and well-fed Europe has forgotten the lessons, provided by history. Aiming at tolerance, equality and protection of human rights, now it is filled with the refugees from the Middle East and it experiences the wave of terrorist attacks. Presumably, that is not enough for Europe and the OSCE. They may recover their consciousness, when missiles of neo-Nazi, diligently protected from “wild and untamed” Russia by the West, fall on their heads.

Evgeny Orlov, People`s Council Deputy

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