#Official Commentary of Evgeny Orlov on UN’s recent resolutions

The resolution on combatting glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia has been prepared by Russia in collaboration with 54 countries. It is the third time when the initiator country, which suffered the most from the crimes of the German Nazis, passes the resolution to the plenary session of the UN’s General Assembly.

On November 18, three countries such as the United States, Ukraine and Palau voted against the resolution in the United Nations Human Rights Committee. Canada has left the ranks of admirers of Nazi ideas.

U.S. Deputy Representative to ECOSOC Stefanie Amadeo noted that the resolution had a ‘narrow scope’ and ‘politicized nature’. ʺIt calls for unacceptable limits on the fundamental freedom of expression,ʺ she explained. Ukraine, as usual, is in solidarity with the opinion of the US.

This position of Ukraine is not surprising at all. Moreover, it can be called sequential. It is always easier to do what overseas masters say when people know that there is an evil neighbor nearby, but not a brotherly country. They are easier to manage and carry out the robbery in all possible directions. The cult of the Great Victory was the ‘last bastion’, linking Ukraine with a large “Russian world”, which shattered the Bandera hoax. Military and police policy of the Ukrainian authorities against dissidents is gaining momentum. And it will only grow due to the worsening of economic conditions of majority of working people. Of course, it is convenient to split society in order to divert attention, heroizing Nazi criminals and their accomplices and opposing them as a horror story for adequate people.

I would like to understand what does Ukraine mean by the resolution with ‘politicized nature’? Probably, it means that it will be used one-sidedly, taking into account interests of the one side only. Then it is necessary to recall that the co-authors were 54 states, and this fact refutes the statements on the limitation of freedom of speech and politicization. It turns out that the representatives of 131 countries that voted “for” did not see those ‘unacceptable restrictions’? In fact, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones…

By the way, Ukraine has a great opportunity to convince the world community that the resolution on human rights is not politicized in the Crimea. After committing a number of crimes such as undermining of power lines and closure regime, those who voted “for” should be definitely have a desire to punish perpetrators of human rights violations in the Crimea. According to this resolution, Ukraine has to arrest and convict organizers and perpetrators of these crimes. But there is a small but very important detail: the representatives of the Kiev authorities cannot arrest themselves. Or here is a principle of double standards – “what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to a bull”. The US acts in its traditional anti-Russian style. The opinion of its colony cannot be different.

Evgeny Orlov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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