#Official Commentary of Evgeny Orlov on USA actions in Syria

The US State Department finally decided to lay Obama`s cards on the table and to make him to play fair on Syria. Earlier the White House supported the Syrian terrorist groups and supplied so-called “moderate opposition” secretly, and today the State Department openly appeals for Barack Obama to start bombings of Bashar al-Assad`s government troops.

So, more than 50 officials of the State Department signed the internal memorandum in which they scarified the USA acting policy in Syria and appealed for president Barack Obama to begin bombings of the government troops to prevent the violation of ceasefire and victory over “The Islamic State”. They reason it with the fact that the Syria government troops deliberately drag on the conflict and destabilize the situation in the region even more.

The State Department Staff appealed for the US President to “use aircraft and weapon reasonably, applied out of Air Defense Zone. This will support and create more focused and pragmatic diplomatic approach of the USA”. According to the American officials the words “reasonably” and “diplomatically” mean to bomb out and destroy the Syria government troops, which play a key role in the fight against “The Islamic State”.

The relations between the USA and the Syrian opposition reminded from the very beginning of the military conflict nothing more than flirtation with terrorism. While the whole world condemned the actions of ISIS and fought against terrorist groups in Syria, the USA divided the Syrian terrorists on “the good” and “the bad”, and this aggravated the situation in the Middle East even more. Admittedly, the USA always plays a double game on Syria. Arming and supporting so-called “moderate Syrian insurgents”, the States weaken positions of the Syrian army and cultivate extremists.

At the beginning of 2015 three thousand of so-called “moderate insurgents”, supported by the USA and supplied with arms and anti-tank installations, passed into Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization from “Harakat Hazm”. And this is not the only case when “the moderate” passed into “the extremist” with their American “fortune”. In 2014 more than one thousand fighters of “Dawood” in Rakke, several thousands of The Syrian Revolutionary Front Fighters and the insurgents from the Golan territories held by Israel also took the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra parts. Besides, it is not a secret that the ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria have been arming with the USA weapon since 2014. It must be said that the arms, delivered to the so-called “moderate opposition” by the States, were often sold to ISIS by insurgents.

The facts, concerning America`s delivery of heavy weapon to ISIS, came to light repeatedly. There was a case recorded, when the American plane dropped cargo with the weapon, ammunition and accoutrements for ISIS in the suburb of Al-Dour in Salah ad Din province. The States could not ignore this fact, since the press published photos of getting the cargo by ISIS, that is why there was no alternative for American leadership but to shrug shoulders sadly and to confess a fault. However, the USA and terrorists’ relations were not finished that time. Later two more brought-down American planes, which delivered the weapon to the Anbar province for ISIS, were found and also photographed.

At this time Washington again tried to find some justifications and excuses. It is important for us to understand, that the fight against ISIS is not in the USA plans, and all that operation which they conduct against extremists in Syria is just a performance. Moreover, this organization is a serious supporter of Washington in the Middle East, which weakens at the same time both Syria and Iraq. It should be surely said that the emergence of such organizations as ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other extremist groups is the planned and paid work of the USA. Otherwise there is no explanation for the fact that the chief leaders of ISIS were kept in American prisons and after that were secretly sponsored by the States during the military conflict in the Middle East.

The USA charges Bashar al-Assad of inactivity and unwillingness to fight against “The Islamic State”, that became one of the main reason for carrying out the USA bombings of Syria government troops. However, Barack Obama is unlikely to decide on the open military operation against Assad’s troops, as the State Department demands, since it will cause sharply negative resonance in world political arena and the presence of “the third forces” in the Syrian conflict.

Evgeny Orlov, People`s Council Deputy

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