#Official Commentary of Marina Zheinova on cost of information wars

Recently, information appeared in the media that Russia ranked first in the world in terms of allocation of funds for propaganda from the state budget.

I decided to analyze all information that is broadcast on TV channels, at that receiving financial state support. And, as it turned out, most of these channels broadcast news of the events taking place in our Republic, as well as in Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan and some other countries. They also spread information about the terrorist organization ISIS, doping scandals, because of which they try to ban Russian national teams in various sports from competitions.

By the way, the Russian mass media published a lot of materials on the Russian and Turkish relations; in particular, the Russians` consolidated position concerning the actions of the Turkish authorities was reflected. In the end, President Erdogan had to make an official apology to the pilot`s family and to the Russian Federation for the incident with the Russian Su-24 in Syria, which was meanly shot down by the Turkish Armed Forces.

So, I want to say that it is not propaganda to tell and show the truth. Anyone who counts how much Russia spends should pay attention to what and which “cookies” and “maidans” they spend their own billions on. If you calculate how much the USA and the EU spend on their propaganda which is directed against our brothers, the Russians, this sum will be much more than the claimed billion, Russia is reproached for. I don`t think it makes sense to do such calculations, but it`s safe to say that when the West counts money spent by Russia, every time the sum increases considerably.

I would like to add a few words on propaganda, broadcast by Ukrainian channels and spread by its press. Since the beginning of the “Maidan”, to say the least, since the beginning of “independence”, the concept of anti-Russian propaganda has been thoroughly developed in Ukraine and brought to life by the American “colleagues” who sit in the Ukrainian Security Service building even today. Since the so-called “revolution of dignity”, Ukrainian, or rather American propaganda, has transformed from democratic into totalitarian one and become plainly fascist, having turned into a fully-fledged information war. In my opinion, this war is aimed at solely deception of the Ukrainian population, cultivation of hatred towards everything Russian, preparation of public opinion for the existence of external aggression and approval of the criminal Kiev regime`s activities against Donbass and Crimean residents and subsequently against Russia by the Ukrainian population.

Using methods and techniques of American and Ukrainian propaganda, it has become even more criminal, false and totally misinformative, since the beginning of military aggression against our people. And all this is funded by the so-called transatlantic partners but in fact by the masters of Poroshenko`s regime.

So if Russia wants the world to know the truth and spends money on it, I think it’s worth it, or maybe even more, for the whole world community to became aware of the atrocities committed by the Ukrainian terrorist regime.

Marina Zheinova, DPR People`s Council Deputy

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