#Official Commentary of Marina Zheynova on allocation of new grants to nonprofit organizations

According to media reports, the US State Department is allocating $800.000 to finance Ukrainian public organizations, which will monitor local authorities for corruption and build relationship with regional media. Thus, the outgoing Obama’s administration is trying to retain control of the situation in Ukraine.

The enhanced funding of the nonprofit organizations can mean two vectors of the US policy – either to strengthen the local government with the help of public organizations or to prepare a change of power. The role of the puppet nonprofit organizations in the February revolution of 2014 is obvious at the moment. Thousands of nonprofit organizations were established with the help of USAID and Soros Foundation’s funds in Ukraine, which had been training civic activists several years before “Maidan” of 2013-2014. Let’s remind only some of them.

The Civil Network “Opora” is financed by the Soros “Revival” fund. This is a network for activists to control elections and to influence on authority. The Soros’s independent establishments have always acted in unison when they received a necessary command. The “Democratic Initiative” foundation, IREX and other structures can be envisaged under this category. These structures are a basis of “soft power” to take control of the power and “Maidan” showed us how this soft power turned into hard power.

It is believed that the United States strengthen the power in Ukraine in this way. But, there is one question: if the main objective of such structures is a soft seizure of power, which can become hard one in case of necessity, and does this mean that new NPOs, which are given grants, will not be engaged in the consolidation of power? Case scenario, when the US, assuring itself of mediocrity of Ukrainian politicians, who have come to power, forms a new ‘young team’, which will be more obedient rubber stamp of the US. One may laugh at the Washington’s puppet Saakashvili, who has announced fund-raising for a new party called “Movement of New Forces”, but it is a known technology that allows legalizing so-called “black cash” in a political game. It is quite possible that the old and new NPOs will support the former president of Georgia, former governor of Odessa and whom his bosses will involve in a new political adventure.

And let’s not forget that radical nationalists, fascists and Nazis of all stripes, who are gaining strength in Ukraine, are waiting for a signal for redistribution of power in the country and their appetites only grow. But the US has no interest to present the world its true face, at least not yet. It requires pro-democracy NPOs’ activists, who are on everything “good” and against everything “bad”. These are trying times for the Poroshenko’s regime, and former allies may be ruthless enemies. After all, It is just a business for the US, in which the incumbent president of Ukraine may be a dead weight.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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