#Official Commentary of Marina Zheynova on causes of smoke blanketing in Ukrainian capital

Smog impends over Kiev, and judging by the pictures in the news, the Ukrainian capital over the last couple of days is more like a famous Chinese Beijing, where it is dangerous to health to be outside without a protective mask, and fresh air is sold in the cafes.

However, the head of the Main Department of the Kyiv state food consumer service Oleg Ruban assures that nothing terrible is happening. Not peatlands or landfill wastes, brought in the vicinity of Kiev from Lviv region, are burning. According to him, a “meteorological haze” hung over the city – the capital is familiar with this phenomenon, and nobody is in danger. In a statement, Oleg Ruban spoke of temperature inversion, reduced pressure, mentioned all layers of the atmosphere, a special emphasis was placed on the bottom layer, which can accumulate capital residents’ waste products. In a word, he was soothing and persuading the people of Kiev as much as he could… Sanitary and Epidemiological Kiev specialists also checked samples of air and concluded that smoke hanging over the city does not contain harmful substances. So breathe deeply, dear people of Kiev: the city of SES is the guardian of your peace of mind!

It only remains to find out what human waste products suddenly began building up dramatically and creating a unique urban surrounding in which “a rare resident of Kiev can see the middle of Dnieper.”

Smog over the great industrial metropolis is not such a rare phenomenon, however, according to the testimony of many people in Kiev, in this time it is accompanied by the pungent smell of burning. After all, that is what made people of Kiev panic: people doubt that weather conditions, rather than burning dump near the town, influenced the formation of smog. It is necessary to make a slight digression and note that in some pharmacies prices for medical mask raised instantly… But the question about the mysterious waste products also has an official response. Another head of the Department of KCSA Emergency Roman Tkachuk said that Kiev residents have to blame themselves on this. It turns out that the cause of the smoke is the active use of alternative means of heating by city dwellers, who now smoke their homes with anything that comes handy: coal, wood, fuel oil, straw… Kyiv residents can be understood, because in Ukraine the prices for utilities, including heating, reached astronomical figures. Residents of the capital just have to follow the president’s calls “to live in a new way” and install boilers and stoves at home.

Recall that in the summer of 2014 Vitali Klitschko himself, using his own unique style, called on the owners of private houses to switch to solid-fuel heating. Such calls were explained with the refusal from the Russian blue fuel. Now the people of Kiev (I stress, that not official, because they, as we see, do not care) for some reason began to worry about the problem of burning. Strange, because it is a native one, Ukrainian.

It is safe to say that all the actions of the Ukrainian authorities in the gas policy, as well as their results are long-planned and consistent. It all began with the increase in gas tariffs, raising to the rank of a national idea of Ukraine the need to reduce gas consumption, requests for switching to alternative fuels, the desire of reconstruction and modifications CHP, fiddling with electricity, overpayment for Russian gas to Europe… And now they need to get around in passing the negative consequences in the form of huge prices for utility services, mass failures in obtaining subsidies, smog and high-speed deforestation.

There are still several months of cold weather, and I think that the people of Kiev will be able to appreciate the new comfortable life in ‘Poroshenko way’ more than once – it is the lack of heat and hot water in apartments, hryvnia falling and crazy inflation. This may also include the work of housing and communal services for cleaning streets from snow and determine the causes of the smoke of a huge city. Personally I am in this situation sincerely sorry for Kiev residents who have become hostages of negligent attitude to their work by the city authorities. After all, stupid explanation of smoke blanketing, voiced by the lips of capital’s officials, made not only me laugh, but also the residents of Kiev themselves.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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