#Official commentary of Marina Zheynova on degradation of the Ukrainian energy sector

State Forest Enterprise of Ukraine proposed to replace natural gas and coal at Ukrainian Combined Heat and Electricity plants to wood as fuel. For the last couple of years Ukraine got considerably skilled in the creation of phantom successes and victories, covering them by dubious adequacy statements about policy prospects of breakup relations with Russia. But the reality remains the same. “Independent” Ukraine depends on Russia in terms of energy very much.

For example, Ukraine purchased a record amount of coal from Russia in 2016. And the gas that Ukraine purchases by reversing from Europe, does not become less Russian of it, and the cost of it will be due to contracts of European countries with “Gazprom”. Europeans are unlikely to sell gas to Ukraine at a price lower than they paid Russia.

An important symptom of problems in the Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Complex were the recent flounces of Mr. Kobolev, the Head of national joint stock company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. First top-manager of “Naftogaz” announced its readiness to purcase gas from “Gazprom” if the price is lower than that of European suppliers, then he turned to “Gazprom” to resume deliveries, and on June 10, refused the deliveries due to the alleged high price. Cheap demarche in the style of Ukrainian “gas” diplomacy.

In fact, the advanced European countries have long developed alternative energy under the pressure of “green” movements and parties. Apparently, Kiev regime decided to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction of scientific and technical progress.Ukraine demonstrates a sophisticated imagination in the searching of opportunities to diversify their energy sector. However, the reality tells that it will be very hard without Russian gas and coal. Obviously, virtual reverse of gas and deliveries of the South African and American coal will not be able to solve the problem. It is necessary to take its present sad course by the throat and begin a dialogue with Russia. Otherwise, it really comes to the point that it would have to use wood as fuel. Perhaps these are such “innovations” that advanced European state called Ukraine lacks.

Capricious politics of Ukrainian officials, temporary workers, looks funny and tragic at the same time. Tearing due to geographic proximity and economic links established over the years in favor of a superficial selfishness is a sign of either stupidity or the corrupt interests’ presence of a number of individual figures. Let us consider each of variants.

If it’s just a stupidity of individual functionaries, consciously or unconsciously working to the detriment of their own state, then common sense will still prevail. And Ukrainian Ukrainian Combined Heat and Electricity plants will work again on the “hated” Russian raw materials.

If it’s shadow schemes, then knowing the habits of the top managers of Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Complex, we can assume that profit from recycling of those 300 cubic meters of wood and illiquid wood mentioned in the statement of Mrs. Yushkevich, passed by the State treasury, as often happens in Ukraine. A power plants will start to work again on the Russian raw materials, as the economic feasibility can dictate the policy even if the elites are mentally ill

There is a third variant that characterizes the Ukrainian ruling class the best way. Everything is happening – it is stupidy of ones, which the others earn. For the sake of the old paradigm of Ukrainian “make yourself worse in spite the neighbor”, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has decided to reduce its dependence on natural gas and coal in the area in which this relationship is natural and technologically laid. Wood suppliers and intermediaries will make good profit on this foolishness, and as a result, when the Ukrainian Combined Heat and Electricity plants will be in another state of collapse, coal and natural gas will again take their place in the production cycle.

Summarizing, it should be noted that Ukraine is stormed mostly not because of objective economic adversities but because of the stupid anti-Russian hysteria. Ukraine, like a teenager, screaming about their autonomy and independence, is still living at the expense of the parent in the face of Russia, at the slightest difficulty claiming about readiness to buy both gas and coal. We wish patience to ordinary Ukrainians and Ukrainian politicians fast growing or the courage to apologize and leave.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People`s Council deputy

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