#Official Commentary of Marina Zheynova on economic genocide of Ukrainian population

Against the background of another tariff escalation for the Ukrainian population and enterprises, NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” will increase a minimum price of natural gas by 16,3% for industrial consumers (in comparison to October 2016) up to 7380 hryvnias (287 USD) per thousand cubic meters. It is stated in the document, published by the company on October 21, 2016.

We see how the Ukrainian pseudo-government, including the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, is trying to deflect people’s attention away from it by sensational corruption cases. The high-profile case of low-quality product supply and theft in “Ukrainian Railways” has been recently announced. According to experts, the scale of theft is sky-high, and the Head of “Ukrainian Railways” Balczun is destroying Ukraine.

Of course, the Verkhovna Rada deputies, who demand to create the provisional investigatory commission on investigation into activities of the Head of “Ukrainian Railways” Wojciech Balczun. At the same time, Mr. Balczun, smelling a trouble, said that he had known about corruption in his office and even tried to fight it, but he was shocked seeing its magnitude.

Perhaps, he did know about the magnitude of the corruption, and even participated in well-established schemes, but it was necessary to share with everyone. And then no one would have mentioned about these machinations, because this way of life is welcome within higher government levels in Ukraine. I do not think that the Head of the entire railway system of the country did not know what was going on in his office. But let see where it leads – either to the criminal case, which The Office of the Prosecutor General is currently trying to investigate together with the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine or to the usual political farce and redistribution of power.

Now I would like to revisit the issue of tariffs and subsidies. I have repeatedly written about it. According to the vice-premier Pavel Rozenko, more than six million Ukrainian families have received subsidies to pay for housing and communal services. And according to the government, 8.5 million people should get the subsidy, but it is all only on paper.

Now I will tell you how it actually goes on. There are more people who need subsidy in Ukraine, but the Ukrainian government has decided to allocate funding and share it with oligarchs and only 8.5 million people. Ukrainian people say that they have to pay 1800 hryvnias for heating now, having a three-room flat and 500 hryvnias for electricity, aside from anything else. They wanted to receive a subsidy, but they were not lucky enough to get it. Of course, it is genocide of the population and prices will be raised on everything else after the tariff escalation. It will not be easy to survive the coming winter.

By the way, the “wise” Ukrainian government has decided to introduce another innovation besides subsidies. It calls it a deferred utility payment. And this how it works: It is possible to have a year’s instalment plan to pay utility bills, in other words, to take out a loan. Many people know what a credit is and what is at the back of it. If someone cannot, for whatever reason, to pay it, collection agents will come and take your property. In general, people used to buy home appliances, cars and apartments on credit and now they have to take out loans to pay their water and gas bills.

So, whatever the Ukrainian government does, it is supposedly for its people. I would like to give moral support to all Ukrainians. You should know that we worry about what is happening to you. It is our pain as well, because ordinary people, who are being imposed by Nazi propaganda, are terrorized and subjected to repressions for dissidence. Analyzing the Ukrainian government’s activity, you can realize that it is not interested in people’s welfare. You are our brothers, people, who are spiritually close to us, who have the same mentality and way of life and we are not indifferent to your problems.

Marina Zhynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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