#Official Commentary of Marina Zheynova on EU demand to terminate negotiations with US on TAFTA and TTIP

On August 30, French President François Hollande has officially declared he did not consider it possible to conclude the negotiations between the EU and the US to create a free trade zone before the end of the year, “Negotiations on TAFTA (transatlantic free trade zone) will not lead to an agreement before the end of the year. France will not be able to approve it.” This statement was made after a similar announcement from Berlin about the failure of negotiations on the free trade zone between the EU and the US.

I will not go into detail of the economic component of the free trade area between the EU and the US. I will focus on the main points.

At first glance, everything looks very positive, the problem of commodity markets have long been relevant on a global scale. But the discussion of all sorts of amendments has been delayed since 2013, and European public opinion is expressed negatively, as evidenced by rallies and protests, which, according to experts, will only grow.

In fact, this is an agreement between the European Union and transatlantic corporations. If you do not dwell on the essential differences between the European and American standards of safety, health, social services, protection of personal data, differences in the phytosanitary, environmental and food standards in the field of agriculture, it appears that the agreement is still more advantageous to the United States than Europe. For many parameters European standards are tougher than the American, and many European producers simply cannot compete against the backdrop of American corporations.

Therefore sensible minds in Europe fear that the free trade zone, which in the future may merge about 60% of economic output, will enable the United States  to reduce  the deficit of its balance of trade by three times. In turn, this will lead to the hegemony of the United States and their categorical political and economic leadership. And Europe will have to cave in to corporate demands of US corporations, which means that in fact the main social function of the state – to ensure the protection and preservation of the welfare of its citizens – will be partly neutralized.

This is briefly. However, as they say, it’s their headache. Now I want to draw parallels with Ukraine, especially in the political arena of this issue. When the previous government in Ukraine in the face of Yanukovich and Azarov refused to sign the association with the EU, there was a ‘maidan’ with consequences that have occurred in Crimea and now occur in Donbass.  In fact they defended the country’s interests in the economic sphere. It seemed wrong to great ‘jumpers’ and they went to jump, and they have completely forgotten along the way, for what purpose, they came to the ‘Maidan’. The question of European integration is just buried, although the Ukrainian leadership, raising utility tariffs, continues to promise brighter European future. Simultaneously they ascribed here Russia and went to war against the peaceful and hard-working people of Donbass, and as a result they received two Republics.

It is interesting to know the opinion of Ukrainians who supported the coup in Kiev, for that if they were convinced that the European values of them will get higher utility rates (and not wages), gaypropaganda and censorship (and not freedom of speech). At the same time this process will be accompanied by a sharp fall in GDP, the national currency, the standard of living and so on – would they trust ‘sirs’ Poroshenko, Yatseniuk, Kolomoisky, Avakov and their teams then? And even if so, don’t Ukrainians feel cheated? The problem is that Ukrainians were forced to abandon, by fraud and violence, only fraternal allies are willing to help even now.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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