#Official Commentary of Marina Zheynova on failure of preparation for heating season in Ukraine

I have repeatedly written about the gas supplies to Ukraine and the preparations for the upcoming heating season of 2016-2017. In fact, the situation with the purchase and accumulation of gas storage facilities in Ukraine has hardly changed ever since. As before, the natural gas cannot be bought in the required quantity. That is, the situation with the conduct of normal heating season is a big question.

And no matter how hard Groysman’s government is now trying to tell everyone that they everything is okay, that they keep the situation under control and, if necessary, they will switch to other fuels, such as coal and oil – it is another political lie. I would like to ask these would-be rulers if they have coal and fuel oil in the required amount, and whether their boiler houses are retrofitted for these fuels.

Problems with coal supplies have not disappeared. Ukrainian officials have once again raised the wave of information about the need for the purchase of certain brands of coal, which means that another elaborated corruption scheme, as it was with coal from South Africa, is being prepared.

If we analyze the situation around the gas sector of Ukraine and everything connected with it, then we can safely conclude that its end is not far off. In addition, one of the factors is the resumption of work on the “Nord Stream-2” and “Turkish Stream.” Until recently there were many disagreements about these projects, but just recently, Turkey has officially declared that, despite the conflict with Russia, they haven’t stopped working on this project even for a single day, and they have already sent “Gazprom” the first resolution on the implementation of “Turkish Stream.” Politics is politics, but nobody wants to be out of work, especially to lose millions of euros in gas transit. Turning enemies into allies is a very useful skill in the geopolitical arena.

And no matter how Mr. Biden tried to intervene in the situation around the construction of gas pipelines, shouting that it is a bad deal for Europe, many countries – members of the EU – are already willing to support the “Nord Stream-2.” The only countries that can give up are the Baltic countries: they are still a priori against everything Russian.

As we can see, the leaders, who do not think about themselves or their own interests, but do think about the country, take the right decisions in spite of the US position. But this is not about Ukraine located in the zone of special interests of American policy. Sooner or later, the people of Ukraine will force their leadership to take decisions solely in the national interest and not in favour of the overseas owners, as is happening now. But, unfortunately, strong and independent politicians are absent in the Ukrainian government at the moment…

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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