#Official commentary of Marina Zheynova on growth of Russian export

The other day I came across the news that Russia has become the largest exporter of oil to China. I decided to analyze why and thanks to what it happens.

Having analyzed the information, I came across the following data, which are published on the official websites of the governments of some countries, such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries of the Eurasian continent. It turns out that Russia in the past year, despite the sanctions imposed by the “masters” of Ukraine against our brothers, became not only the largest exporter of oil to China, having outstripped thereby Saudi Arabia, but also defended the status of one of the largest exporters of weapons, strangely enough, to the same countries of Asia and Oceania.

It is also worth noting that, despite the imposition of sanctions by the European Union, the United States, Australia and Canada, in spite of everything Russia becomes the largest exporter of food and grain.

First of all, this is due to the Customs and the Eurasian Economic Union, correct state policy in the sphere of foreign trade activities, protective measures in foreign trade, interstate and intergovernmental contacts, and so on. Despite all measures which transatlantic politicians try to enter against Russia, we see that their attempts are multiplied by zero. This benefits not only Russia, but also congenial Belarus and Kazakhstan, which are also rapidly developing their domestic market and reorient to Eastern markets. If the EU does not cancel the frantic sanctions against Russia and will play along with the American intriguers, then they in the next year will give away the right of the largest exporter not only on these positions.

I would also like to note that our Russian neighbours are honest and open with their business partners and, in spite of all the troubles in the relations between Russia and Georgia, it does not interfere with the Russians to import the largest number of wines from this country. This once again confirms the fact that Russian Federation and the Russian business are reliable partners and it is possible and it is necessary to run business with them. And all short-sighted politicians like to say that it is not necessary to be guided in economic policy by the views dictated in foreign geopolitical interests.

Marina Zheynova, deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR

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