#Official Commentary of Marina Zheynova on increasing number of import bans of Ukrainian products

The economic situation is worsening very rapidly in Ukraine. As a result of difficult negotiations, the Azarov’s former government managed to agree on a sale of poultry in the EU market. The duty-free quota for supply of chicken meat was determined after unsuccessful, in my opinion, Ukraine’s position in the protection of its economic interests, which are set out in the document known to the general public as “euro association”.

Poultry producers have high hopes for signing association agreement with the EU. However, the ex-deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, billionaire and owner of “Nasha Ryaba” Yuri Kosyuk suddenly realized, bothered to read the agreement and said that the free trade zone with the EU is a fraud. Despite the fact that his products are exported to Europe, Kosyuk called quotas, which had been set for Ukraine, catastrophically small.

Earlier, I wrote that enterprises of South-Eastern Ukraine were requesting Poroshenko and the Ukrainian government to renew economic relationship with Russia. The list of those who wants the resumption of economic activity is constantly expanding. But, right after the “Maidan”, authorities no longer care what people want. (At the same time, Poroshenko is successfully developing his business in Russia and there are no any restrictions for his business.)

Thus, the EU has banned the supply of poultry meat due to the highly pathogenic avian influenza. And no matter what anyone says about reasons of this decision, one thing is clear: the EU is not interested in importing products from Ukraine. Earlier, Armenia introduced a ban on the import of pigs and pork products from Ukraine, the same situation with chicken. Moldova did likewise. And the Russian market was designated a market of ‘aggressor country’ by the Ukrainian authorities.

Those Ukrainian citizens, who have lost their income trading with the EU, Russia and other countries, have already realized that the present political policy of current pseudo-politicians is aimed at something completely opposite to prosperity and well-being. So far, the neo-Nazi authorities are able to close mouths of those who want to talk about it. But the situation will be out of control eventually with the growing number of those who were affected by the actions of the Kiev authorities and overwhelming intensity of poverty. Ukrainian puppeteers and their puppets themselves understand it and that is why they are trying to line their pockets before the great…escape.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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