#Official Commentary of Marina Zheynova on reaction of Ukrainian citizens to tariff escalation for housing and communal services

The deputy mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Mikhail Lysenko announced the information that hot water will not be supplied in the city due to its high cost.

According to the deputy mayor, a cubic meter of water should cost 70 UAH and it is economically inefficient, because only 10 families out of 100 can afford it. For this reason, the deputy mayor advised to buy water heaters and to tackle this problem independently.  

This does not make any sense, because citizens still need to pay their electricity bills.

There are protests against the tariff escalation for housing and communal services in many cities of Ukraine. People have expressed outrage at the current catastrophic situation this week in Kiev.

In September, heads of Kiev housing cooperative №20 addressed a letter to the country’s leadership and demanded from the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, as well as the Kiev’s mayor, to disclose the structure of utility tariffs and to make its forming procedure open and accessible to everyone. Also, the administration of this housing cooperative demanded to reorganize the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities and to break the monopoly of the housing and communal services’ sphere.

Our countrymen and citizens of Druzhkovka, occupied by The Armed Forces of Ukraine, protested against the tariff escalation this summer. Especially people were outraged by water tariffs, despite the fact that there was no how water in many houses.

This growing wave of protests says that the Ukrainian people are losing their patience. And this has been taking place at the background of double increase of the Verkhovna Rada deputies’ wages. How can the Verkhovna Rada be called a supreme legislative body of Ukraine after that, which raises ‘people’s representatives’ pays and tariffs for housing and communal services.

It never ceases to amaze me how patient the Ukrainian people are, but, apparently, they are gradually running out of patience.

Probably, tough times are expected to be in near future in Ukraine. If you remember, all “Maidans” were started in November. What awaits Ukraine this November, time will tell.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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