#Official Commentary of Marina Zheynova on Ukrainians’ requests to renew economic relations with Russian Federation

There were events happened in Ukraine within the last month that the Ukrainian media would not show, because the propaganda, that was broadcasted day and night, told that things were going really well. And we are looking at the reality, which indicates the opposite side.

The employees of Zaporozhye factory of household appliances addressed a petition to Poroshenko to renew economic and trade relations between Ukraine and Russia due to the fact that their products cannot compete in the world market and Russian market is still the main one. After that, Dnepropetrovsk manufacturers appealed to Poroshenko and demanded to reestablish trade with Russia. The staff of the largest Ukrainian producer of sporting equipment VASIL addressed to the president with the demand to renew trade and economic relations with Russia, because of which the production had come to a full stop and, as a result, 1000 people lost their jobs. Also, the staff of Zaporozhye stud farm “Stepnoy” demanded the Ukrainian president Poroshenko to reestablish economic relations with Russia, because there was the principal export market of agrarians. 700 workers of Kharkov energy company INTEC made a protest in order to return to the Russian market, as their activity depends on the customers of the Russian Federation.

These protests are common things in Zaporozhye and Kharkov regions, since these areas border on the Russian Federation, one of them borders on the shores of the sea and another one shares a land border. All this happens because the industrial potential is oriented towards the Russian economy. I believe that the Ukrainian government will lose Kharkov region as well, if they will not make any effective decisions on renewing relations between two countries.

We remember mass demonstrations in Kharkov in 2014 and we can see that people, who live there, do not support the Ukrainian pseudo-government, but they stand for renewing economic and cultural relations with Russia.

I would like to make a point of, in my opinion, an important event that occurred in Ukraine about which the Ukrainian media is trying to hush up. A number of big business’ representatives also made an appeal to Poroshenko about the resumption of cooperation. In particular, Dmitry Firtash said in the interview with Ukraine.ru: “Ukraine needs this cooperation to get its economy back on track, and if the politicians will not do anything about it, the business will then”. The practice has shown that any power in Ukraine can be overthrown with the support of financial groups and oligarchs.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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