#Official Commentary of Marina Zheynova on unexpected figures in electronic declarations of Ukrainian parliamentarians

They have hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, watch collections worth of millions of dollars, wine cellars with bottles at a price of one-roomed flat, paintings, which are the world heritage, coins, sculptures, dozens of houses with huge areas, flats that are larger than residences of heads of states, dozens of luxury cars,ʺ the former deputy of Ukraine Vladimir Polochaninov enumerated  ‘modest’ belongings of Ukrainian parliamentarians.

It is one of the Ukrainian ‘patriot’s’ angry posts. This is what electronic declarations did after they had been published by the officials of different grades. The ‘public servants’, who have come to power, are lining their own pockets, while the country’s economy is about to collapse and utility tariffs are increasing.

The country, whose leadership is constantly asking for another tranches and loans to patch holes in the beggarly budget, turns out to be ruled by multi-millionaires, whose incomes are comparable to the state budget. They could extricate the country from crisis by themselves and could even provide loans to other countries and make money off of this. There are already jokes about Mrs. Christine Lagarde coming to Ukrainian officials and asking for a loan for the IMF.

When I studied the income declarations of Ukrainian deputies, I could not understand why the Verkhovna Rada had adopted a decision on increasing their own salaries. They make laws advantageous for themselves and you cannot bring them to responsibility.

There is a new article of the Criminal Code on illicit enrichment in Ukraine that came into force in 2015. And everything they had earned until that moment does not fall under this article. ʺIf there was illegal income before the article, a claim could not be presented,ʺ the source explained to the Ukrainian newspaper “Vesti”.

By having unleashed the war, they are making money out of it and collecting taxes for the ATO from their citizens. So here are the current heroes of ‘independence’.

This is an opportune moment for the Ukrainian mass media, which are earning money by publishing this information. I am sure that there are a lot of people interested in getting that information, because there is property redistribution in all spheres of activity.

By the way, everyone sees that the Ukrainian officials have something to lose. Of course, powers that be will defend their plunder from ‘unpatriotic’ citizens. “Maidan” dreams of only small number of the Revolution of Dignity’s participants have come true, which means that, according to an established tradition, it is high time for the next ‘patriots’ to enrich.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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