#Official Commentary of Marina Zheynova on United Kingdom’s desire to control a number of Eastern Europe’s countries

Britain began its withdrawal from the European Union, but it has not left Europe. The UK threw off Brussels shackles of the united Europe after Brexit and it has returned to its traditional policy – an insular isolationism, strengthened by actions of influence agents in other counties. If the new President, Donald Trump, remain faithful to his promises and China remains to be his main target, the United Kingdom will try to take a leading position in Europe again.

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union in summer of 2016 is perceived as a Britain’s escape from Europe by short-sighted politicians. In fact, they want to take hold in Europe, but on its own terms. The dictate of Brussels bureaucracy was unbearable for British as well as an influx of new Europeans: “A never-ending influx of Polish-Baltic migrant workers has turned into an endless headache for native inhabitant of Albion in recent years”.

It is as difficult for the Great Britain to compete with Germany now as a century and half a century ago. Therefore, British have returned to its colonial practice, when you buy elite instead of conquering territories and nations. Roughly speaking, the United Kingdom does not want to conquer, for instance, India, but it is going to force the Chinese government to pursue a favorable to it policy by means of opium wars.

For this purpose, the United Kingdom aimed its foreign-policy efforts at the soft underbelly of Europe – Serbia and Bosnia – and at neighboring countries of Russia such as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. “The UK will allocate £100 million to Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and Bosnia to create ‘an open government’. Among other things, funds will be spent on a fight against corruption in these countries,” the report of the British government states.

The Theresa May’s government clearly picked up a signal from Washington. China and the Russia-China alliance, which gets stronger, are the main targets of the United States under the administration of Donald Trump. It means that there is a good scope of work available for the UK in Eastern Europe. £60 million will be allocated on the ‘open governments’ of Eastern Europe in 2017, and £40 million – in 2018. The Department for International Development allocates all these funds through the Good Governance Fund.

“The Fund provides support to the five target countries: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and Bosnia. This will help governments of these countries to become more open and accountable,” the government report says.

We should focus on the last quotation. It has two ironic phrases: “open government” and “more open and accountable”. What does “open government” mean? Who is it “more open and accountable” to? The official interpretation of this strange phraseis that the “open government” is supposed to be open to its people and “more accountable” to them. But is it?

A catch phrase such as “the Englishwoman shits” is attributed to Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov and reflects the essence of diplomatic and economic actions, espionage and propaganda of the Great Britain. The great commander could express himself in any way he wanted, but it is better say more correct, therefore I will quote words of Major General Edrikhin (Vandam): “The worst feud with Anglo-Saxon, there can be only one – a friendship with him”.

British has already used their ‘friendship’, when they allocated funds to create the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) in 2015. This bureau, which is located in the most corrupt country of Europe, carried on only two hundred investigations and carried out forty arrests. Most of defendants believe that cases are framed up, which is not surprising, but even notorious ‘patriots’ of Ukraine talk about NABU’s pre-programmed investigations and struggle for redistribution of financial flows and spheres of influence. The NABU’s budget is 488 million hryvnias in 2016 compared with 58 million in 2015, and this budget is expected to be 1 billion in 2019.

There are those who say that this scheme is some kind of surrealism, when bees have been given money to fight with honey, that is, corruptors have been given money to fight against corruption. But British never throw their money about. Some people say that it is a direct support of the nationalist regime. But £100 million for five countries is only £20 million for each. Given the magnitude of theft, no one will do anything for that money in Ukraine and British are well aware of it.

Only you can do is to calculate. In fact, it is an occupation without military aggression. On the one hand, such structures as the NABU will get rid of those the British advisers point to. On the other hand, a pro-British lobby is being created, which will be completely ‘open and accountable’ to the UK’s government. British have always been smarter than Americans, who prefer to keep its minions on a short leash. British ‘forced’ these minions to spy voluntarily.

The UK meets no competition in Eastern Europe either from American, which will focus on the Far East, or from Germans, which will lose to British in a behind-the-scenes struggle. Currently, the UK as a successor of the British Empire wants to get a titbit in a forthcoming transformation of the world from a unipolar to multipolar one. Time will show what it will get and, moreover, not all depends on it.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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