#Official Commentary of Marina Zheynova on West point of view about Ukrainian oligarchs and corruption

Finally, the time has come when, after two years of blatant lies, Europeans start opening their eyes to what is happening and presenting the situation in Ukraine more or less close to reality. It should be noted that not only the opposition but also pro-government publications and politicians write about it.

Last year the Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden, addressing deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, told that corruption devours Ukraine “as a cancer tumor”. And the company of ratings researches Gallup Media noted that “now Petro Poroshenko’s rating is lower than Victor Yanukovych’s level on the eve of the Euromaidan. Freedom of speech is suffering as well”.

So you should not deceive yourself. The real power in Ukraine and its puppets enticed Ukrainians by means of “cookies” – prospect of membership in the EU, lobbying favorable for them transatlantic tranches and resolving the geopolitical issues. Utility bills have been raised for the residents of Ukraine, social benefits have been reduced, people are fed with promises and bright European future, which, even if it will come, then, sadly, will unlikely find anybody alive. But while Ukraine is full of thieves, a bright future will not come.

I want to ask ordinary citizens of the “Independent”: you had the opportunity to change your lives and implement whether the European integration, or fraternal relations with the Customs Union, but, alas, everything has passed by you but war which the authorities unleashed in Donbass, as a result of which they have lost half of the country. Due to the fact of what today is happening in Ukraine, the EU will not be able to open their doors to you. As we know, corruption flourishes in Ukraine, and the EU is simply afraid to pick up this infection.

You used to pay bribes – keep on paying! You are selling not only you own future, future of your children and grandchildren, creating mutual responsibility, but also the future of the country to overseas puppeteers who now rule in your country instead of, albeit illegal, but “government” chosen by you!

Even such renowned publications as the Washington Post, New York Times, Foreign Policy, Gazeta Polska Codziennie write in their articles about Ukraine as the most oligarchic and corrupt state which has drowned in own blood and lust for profit at any cost. Moreover, according to the study which was conducted by the Ukrainian Institute of world politics, in six EU countries: UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland and France – 53% of respondents from those countries said that there is a civil war in Ukraine.

As it appears, we can conclude that a simple European does not want to believe their media, which still write, to put it mildly, lie under the dictation of the American political consultants who entrenched firmly in Europe and in Ukraine. But Europeans, in contrast to the Ukrainians, do not want to get frank nonsense in the form of a propaganda product wrapped in a beautiful wrapper for their own money. No wonder European governments have already spoken about the ineffectiveness and the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

The only thing left to do is to stop supporting and sponsoring the Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs with tranches in order for peace to establish in our land.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People`s Council deputy

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