#Official Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko about what stands behind breakthrough of Ukrainian diversionists on Crimean territory

On August 7, 2016, a group of Ukrainian diversionists tried to enter the territory of the peninsular Crimea to commit a number of terrorist acts on the Russian Federation territory.

What stands behind the Ukrainian authorities’ actions, who made a decision to conduct that operation and what goals did the organizers of that adventure aim?

Those, who attentively follow the events around the civil conflict on the former Ukrainian territory, realized a long time ago that Kiev authorities act under the dictation from Washington. There is in full swing presidential campaign. And the ruling Democratic party needs all the arguments against the increasingly popular candidate from the Republican Party Donald Trump.

First one of the American curators’ aims for Kiev was drawing Russia into a military confrontation to make it one of the sides to the conflict. But they didn’t manage to do it. And now before the presidential elections the American powers take desperate measures to stick a label of aggressor to Russia with Kiev puppets’ hands. So Ukrainian would-be performers tried to fulfill an order of their oversea puppeteers.

As a result Ukrainian diversionists are captured, though FSB Lieutenant Colonel Roman Kamenev and paratrooper-contractor Semen Sychyov were high price killed. The reaction of Russia was adequate – terrible and harsh, and Poroshenko frantically started to look for a possibility to contact with the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev acted as a realtor. He told Vladimir Putin that Petro Poroshenko in a telephone conversation with him stated about readiness to compromise and told him about the reason, which prevents the adoption of the law about a Special Status in the Donbass. In other words Poroshenko signed of failing to fulfill Minsk agreements. The Russian President hasn’t reacted on this information yet. We can summarize: American schemers didn’t manage to have a negative impact on the image of Russia with their provocation, but on the contrary they reinforced it. Instead of it the Ukrainian powers discredited again themselves and their oversea owners.

What consequences can this provocation have for the Donbass Republics? The so-called Ukrainian power can take it out on Donbass civilians, having strengthen attacks or try to cause diversions on the territories of People Republics. There is a possibility of massive occurrence of the AFU. The DPR and LPR Armed Forces are ready to such actions, and the reaction on any provocations will be worthy.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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