#Official Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on aggravation of Ukrainian-Polish relations

The other day the media reported about the aggravation of relations between Ukraine and Poland on the background of the decision of Polish parliament’s both chambers on recognition of the Volyn massacre as the Polish people’s genocide.

Volyn tragedy is a matter of perennial political debate in Poland and Ukraine. One day this topic abates, another day it escalates with renewed vigour. Moreover, the initiator is always Poland, not only because of its role as the victim, but also a thorough, serious approach to historical events. I must say that in 2003 the Ukrainian leadership actually recognized the genocide and apologized to the Poles and stated the apologies in the co-act “On Reconciliation in the 60th anniversary of the tragic events in Volyn” signed by the presidents of both countries. For some time on the part of Poland this topic was not raised, but I think that Poles have held it back for the opportunity. Apparently, it has come to a head again.

For Kiev, it is a very unpleasant topic. With the adoption of the law “On legal status of fighters for Ukraine’s independence” a year ago, the glorification of the UPA became the official doctrine of the country, nationalists felt their force once more, penetrating into the highest echelons of power.

In turn, we should not forget that the Poles regularly resist external management. Recent battles over the Polish Constitution threatened Poland with sanctions. By the way, ordinary citizens responded immediately, conducting anti-government rally. Also Poland has its own national currency. All these arguments are to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities are mistaken if they believe that there will be no confrontation between the two controlled countries, because Uncle Sam will not allow it. The current owner of these countries is only interested in Russophobic direction which should be implemented with particular fury. Therefore, when viewed from the standpoint of the United States, it is useful for sparring partner to practise on the historic ring.

I would like to add that Poland has one trump card left – “Restitution Crecy”. At the moment gathering evidence about the inheritance or succession of land and property in the territory of Western Ukraine is being carried out. But everybody understands that if the grain is planted, then once it becomes an unnecessary tree for the residents in the Volyn and Lviv that will bring interesting results in the form of hundreds of thousands of lawsuits.

We see that Poroshenko is not even trying to change anything. It is clear that under the current situation in Ukraine, when Neo-Nazism is elevated to the rank of state policy, there can be no meaningful dialogue with Kiev. I think that the question of Volyn massacre will be addressed with the new leadership of Ukraine and, I hope, that this will happen in the near future.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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