#Official Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on latest language scandal in Ukraine

The situation with the ‘mother tongue’ in the territory controlled by Ukraine is very deplorable. Even the ‘people’s chosen ones’ in the Verkhovna Rada cannot force themselves to ‘talk’ in it. This situation allows creating political ‘sensation’ on the protection of Ukrainian ‘language’ from almost nothing.

For example, another language scandal has recently erupted in Kharkov. In the epicenter of the event were Ukrainian volunteer Marina Haperskaya and the American fast food chain restaurant McDonald’s. The long-suffering ‘native language’ was in danger again. No matter how the authorities of the most ‘democratic’ country are trying to make all of its citizens to speak only the national language, all to no avail! Especially in regions where Russian language, hated by Ukrainian Nazis, has dominated historically. Whatever the ‘conscious patriots’ do – the creation of special institutions, all kinds of commissions and even hotlines for denunciations – all for nothing… Even the well-known to everybody cartoons about Masha and the Bear and Smeshariki were translated into the ‘native language’, but the people refused to talk, think and dream in Ukrainian. Maximum of what ukrainizators made – unwillingly contributed to the spread of “surzhik” – a colloquial mixture of Russian and Ukrainian words, in which even ministers and deputies ‘chatter’.

If you go back in time, a few years ago in the multinational Kharkov nobody would be outraged by the fact that the waiters answer visitors in Russian. But, as we can see, the number of ‘true patriots’ during this period has increased significantly. They are obsessed with their perverted forms of “national idea”, in which the language issue is the chief of Russophobic people. And what is most interesting and even funny is that many of the ‘conscious citizens’ really do not know and cannot talk the state Ukrainian language. What can we say about the ministers and deputies, when even the President himself forgets ‘native’ for him, in theory, words and asks his subordinates for tips!

The behavior and actions of Ukrainian patriots remind not just a phobia. It looks like paranoia across the whole country. In all the surrounding people they very often see traitors. Fine mental organization of zealous Ukrainophiles not just cuts to the quick that everyone around does not speak the language – in their view, it is necessary to prosecute and punish to the fullest extent of the law for this.

For example, the above mentioned Haperskaya already scribbled a complaint against an employee of fast food, and then intends to sue the management, accusing the administration and the staff of the American network McDonald’s in Ukrainofobic position.

Today, the number of such “patriots” in Ukraine is growing with each passing day. Not because there is more of ideological ‘conscious citizens’, but because it became an advantageous political image. Just because it became profitable. Ukraine is rapidly transforming into a Nazi state, where at the highest level in all seriousness they consider the bills, the adoption of which would lead to the repression and harassment of dissidents.

Who was disturbed by the actual bilingualism in the USSR and the first 20 years of existence of Ukraine? But now the hatred dims Ukrainians’ eyes, and they cannot see their Russophobia – it’s just a very skillful weapon in the hands of the Americans, whose main purpose is to embroil the Slavic peoples, set them against each other, play off in the eternal conflict, crush and thereby push them out to the margins of the world historical process.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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