#Official Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on manufacturing process of Ukraine’s national heroes

In August 1991, the USSR Supreme Council proclaimed the independence of Ukraine. Before the referendum was held, republican citizens’ brains were washed with the active propaganda that if you exit from the USSR, life will become better instantly, as Ukraine literally feeds all the other Soviet republics.

To some extent independence propagandists were right after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was one of the richest republics with a huge industrial potential and absolutely no debt. But a mental problem faced new Ukrainian leaders: Ukraine did not possess its own story, heroes and great leaders. This unfortunate mistake had to be urgently corrected. Therefore, newly minted Ukrainian scholars began inventing their country’s past, taking advantage of the few basic principles that were perceived by the population with bewilderment. These principles are included in the active phase at the present time:

– Ukraine is the oldest state on planet Earth, and it stretched from the Carpathians to the Kuban (most likely that the Sumerians and Mayans created their own written language, using old Ukrainian alphabet);

– all the achievements of the Russians were stolen taken credits from Ukraine, including Russian language and the very name of the country – “Russia”;

– any human casualties and destruction can be justified by the struggle for independence and national idea.

But it turned out that it is not that easy! All of the “great ukrainians” who people could be a little proud of are either Russians by birth and throughout life considered themselves as such, or are outright killers and sadists. Moreover, the persons of the second category when alive were complete losers, and if they knew that the modern ‘conscious’ Ukrainian promotion will ascribe to them, surely they would be very surprised.

Therefore, Ukrainian historians have to get themselves out of and label either rabble as heroes or steal characters from Russia. And I must say that in its lie Ukraine reached considerable results. Streets, universities and libraries are named after traitors such as Mazepa or Petlyura. Shukhevych and Bandera, who sworn to Hitler, are raised to the rank of national heroes, and their young followers are willing to kill anyone who tries to object them.

However, the one can only envy activity and enthusiasm of Ukrainian educators. They got out of the “closets of history” odious figures of national-patriots and claimed that they were fighting against the ‘million horde of Russian occupiers’ for Ukraine’s independence. Images and deeds of Bandera, Shukhevych and other equally demonic personalities are literally fitted to the contemporary political demands. At the same time the facts that do not fit into the new system of national Ukrainian values are ignored or simply crossed out of history. For example, the fact that the famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko wrote most of his works in Russian, and Skovoroda wrote of himself, “I am a barefoot Russian philosopher.”

Meanwhile, the modern Ukrainian national propaganda on behalf of its ex-president Yushchenko reached Tchaikovsky, Repin and Dostoevsky. According to Mr. Yushchenko’s opinion, they are now none other than prominent figures of Ukrainian national culture!

Ukraine is not going to dwell on the results achieved in re-writing of history. With a light hand Ukrainian Defense Ministry officials (ie, not culture, not education, namely the defense) Russian hero Ilya Muromets became a Ukrainian, and he was born next to the ancient “Ukrainian” city of Chernigov. In order for no one doubts, the relevant amendments were made to the “Wikipedia”. Most likely, this is due to the premiere of Ukrainian cartoon “Outpost” which plot tells that well-known Russian bogatyrs were born and lived in the territory which has been called Ukraine for the last couple of decades. Why Ukrainian experts have forgotten that Ilya Muromets lived in the XII century, when there was no Ukrainian nation and Ukraine in principle? Who Ukrainian historians are trying to deceive?

The level of historical falsification in Ukraine has reached enormous proportions. Pseudo scientists receive scientific degrees, teach at universities, publish textbooks. In the minds of many Ukrainian “patriots” have an absurd picture of the world order, which prevents them from understanding the essence of many geopolitical processes and achieve a balance of both external and internal. Perhaps this level of intoxication was conceived, because with such people it is useless to argue and prove something, they do not want to remember their past and draw the appropriate conclusions.

No one argues that Ukrainians should forget about Bandera, Petlyura or Shuhevech – they took their place in history of multiple countries. But why don’t Ukrainian historians recall about those personalities who created the modern Ukraine? For example, Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev, who gave it age-old Russian territories, built cities and developed industry and culture in this country?

It is necessary to be able to objectively assess the consequences of the acts of certain individuals and to separate these national heroes from fictitious or borrowed.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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