#Official Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on Petro Poroshenko’s envious glance at Russia Today channel

It is a commonplace for present Ukrainian authority to blame the Russian Federation for everything. Only occasions and events change, but Putin and Russia remain to be the mythic “enemy of all the world”. Moscow is “guilty by definition” whatever happens in Ukraine or at the other end of the world.

Once again, Petro Poroshenko accused Russia of imperialistic ambitions towards Europe. The president of Ukraine raised an issue of opposing the Russian Federation in the information sphere and called RT (Russia Today news channel) “one of the main threats to the West” in his interview with the US CNN channel.

Then, the Ukrainian president said at the meeting with students of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv that Russian historians, who broadcast on RT channel, “create pseudo-argumentation that destroys the system of European values”. I would like to remind this pseudo-democrat that the freedom of speech is one of the principles of a democratic state, so to say, of European values.  There are RT and “Sputnik” channels in the West and “Echo of Moscow”, “Dozhd”, “Kommersant”, “Forbes” and others in Russia. There is the same situation with the opposition media in Belarus, Georgia and even in Baltic countries, where various neo-Nazi movements, not without the approval of the official authorities, got a new lease of life.

Poroshenko banned the broadcasting of the Russian media in July 2014, arguing that this ban directed against the propaganda, which aim is to stir up national hatred. In fact, the Ukrainian government covers up the true goal under the pretext of protecting the country’s information space: to zombify the population and to distract from the real situation in Ukraine, where the corruption is rampant, the crime rate is revving up, radical nationalist bandit groups are redistributing spheres of influence. The Ukrainian media is controlled by oligarchs, so the information is placed in a good light for the powers that be – biased and one-sided information. It is natural that sources, which have an alternative point of view, will be out of Ukraine, the United States and Europe’s favour. And the fact that Poroshenko and the like put a spoke in Russia Today’s wheel says about its successful resistance to the flood of misinformation and shameless lies.

Currently, the RT’s audience consists of 630 million people and there is a twenty-four-hour broadcasting in different languages in 100 countries. People are objectively informed of world events. In the absence of pluralism and different points of view in the Western media, the RT’s content is popular and in demand, hence it has a high rating among the US and Europe’s news channels and the same cannot be said for the Ukrainian media.

What can Poroshenko offer the Western audience? There is no need to go far for an answer: cheap propaganda, unverified information, Russophobic movies and so on and so forth. And all this is for account of Western taxpayers. There is enough flood of such information in the Western media, people need an alternative point of view and, especially, with a reliable information.

I think that Mr. Poroshenko, who opposes RT, should pay attention on his own media and information policy and not to burn with envy instead of pinning labels.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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