#Official commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on Poroshenko`s call to establish partisan movement in Ukraine

On June 14, the next propagandistic event entitled “Lessons of Hybrid War” was held in the General Staff of the Ukraine`s Ministry of Defence, in the guise of a scientific conference. At this event, by good old tradition, Figurehead of Kiev nationalist regime Petr Poroshenko tried once again to represent Ukraine as a victim of pervasive Russian aggression.

Whether Poroshenko`s oratorical passion was special on that day, or a striking statement was needed to attract attention of the international community, but Petr Poroshenko reiterated the need to establish a partisan movement in Ukraine. The media obeying the “guarantor” immediately interpreted this as a call to prepare for a partisan war, if necessary. It seems that “the strongest army on the continent”, as Poroshenko called the Ukrainian military, is afraid of something. There is obvious regression of aggressive ambitions of Kiev regime: first it was “ATO within a few hours”, then came “a victory parade in Sevastopol” promised by Geletey, and now it is just a partisan movement… Hopefully, this tendency will lead to the fact that Poroshenko will have to seriously consider a plan of defence of the presidential administration.

I don’t know how people will react to this call – those who are suppressed by aggressive Ukrainian propaganda and frightened of the prospect announced by Poroshenko on the same day, concerning recruitment of all citizens; but I do not remember large-scale and effective partisan movements that supported regime in Hitler`s national socialist Germany or Mussolini’s fascist Italy. Yes, there really were partisans in Italy but they didn`t honour the fascist dictator, if anything, they caused his premature death.

We may remember real historical heroes of Ukrainian partisan movement during the Great Patriotic War – Kovpak, Fedorov, Saburov. In accord with the Law on Decommunisation, all of them were first practically equated to the German Nazis and then savagely razed from history of Ukraine. Could any of them support a regime, similar to the current one in Kiev even theoretically? Would they be glad of the prospect to live in a protectorate of the USA? Would they find blood brothers among racists from the national socialist “Azov” worshipping their “white leader” or other bearers of ideas of Dontsov`s integral nationalism, for example, from the Aydar or the Right sector?

The answer is simple ­– no! Ukrainian Soviet partisans, if they got in our time, would be the first to leave woods so that to fight against all this Nazi evil, and with each day of their life they would draw near the date of the motherland`s liberation.

I am deeply convinced that there are forces already to establish a truly popular partisan and underground movement in the territory of Ukraine tormented by the coup, and according to their ideology, future vigilantes will be diametrically opposed to puppet Poroshenko and his NATO partners.

Miroslav Rudenko, DPR People`s Council Deputy

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