#Official Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on Poroshenko`s statement of 95% political commitments implementation

There is every reason to believe that Petr Poroshenko lives in his own parallel reality where everything always works out, and the Minsk agreements are implemented to 95%.

Recently, at his meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Ukrainian President proudly announced that Ukraine had implemented its political commitments under the Minsk agreements to 95% and to 100% in the security sector. The Canadian partner nodded approvingly in response and praised Ukraine for the “difficult steps” taken.

It is extremely difficult to assess this dialogue, as it seems that neither Poroshenko nor Trudeau is familiar with the text of the Minsk agreements and have no idea what they are about. But it does not prevent them from declaring publicly that Ukraine “complies”, “implements”, “knows”, “understands” and “does”. However, let’s be frank: the only thing that Ukraine does is pulling the wool over our eyes.

In accordance with the Minsk agreements, Kiev is to make amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine until the end of 2015 with regard to decentralization of power and granting a “special status” to Donbass. However, it hasn`t been done yet. Is the Ukrainian leader so accustomed to the fact that his country is under external control that therefore someone else should make amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine? In this case he should either specify who will do it or refuse to implement Item 11 of the Package of measures. Many of his “Maidan sworn brothers” have already done it.

As for the Package of measures to implement “Minsk-2”, it’s out of the question because the Ukrainian side does not fulfill even 3% of its commitments under the document. These are only some of the violations of the Minsk agreements: continuing shelling by the AFU, drawing up heavy artillery instead of withdrawing it, full-scale offensive military actions, killing of civilians and shelling of residential areas.

It is not clear what Poroshenko means when he speaks of the implementation of “Minsk-2” by Kiev to 95%, but taking into account his weakness for alcoholic beverages, the figure of 95% is only symbolic.

Meanwhile, collecting signatures for the Petition to the U.N. Security Council on the non-implementation of the Minsk agreements by Ukraine was officially completed on July 19. More than 300 thousand residents of the Republic signed this document. The Petition will be submitted to the U.N. Security Council so that this international organization could judge who’s right – irresponsible populist Poroshenko or millions of Donbass residents. 

Miroslav Rudenko, DPR People`s Council Deputy

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