#Official Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on Western selective patronage of human rights violation

Many politicians and public figures build their programmes and campaign oratory on the fact that they are human rights defenders.

However, before you think about the violation of human rights, it is worth remembering that the concept itself has been in existence for a long time and developing throughout mankind history. People have been reasoning about such concepts as “freedom”, “personal immunity”, “social justice” and “preservation of life” since ancient times. Many religious, cultural and ethical teachings have such reflections.

The modern concept of “human rights” is not limited to these criteria. The further we move away from the past, the more contradicting the definitions are that make up the understanding of human rights. Considering that it is not deep-sated traditions and rules that deal with the most problems in the modern world order, but only money and its quantity, then the concept of human rights is greatly differs from the concept of our ancestors.

The universality of human rights had a number of limitations long time ago and it still does now. For example, a slavery is under the law in many countries, but there are countries in the world and, moreover, in ‘civilized’ Europe, where so-called free people live in worse conditions than slaves. And these countries consider themselves as fighters for peace, justice and democracy. The only thing is that methods of struggle, chosen by these countries, more look like an aggressive expansion of other states or suppression of dissent people in their own country.

There are a lot of distortions in the emotional appreciation of events related to the violation of human rights in the world nowadays. On the one hand, the entire world shudders at the series of terrorist attacks in the center of Europe, carries out by ISIS terrorists, on the other hand, no one cares about the fact that the Ukrainian leaders have been annihilating its own people for more than two years.

The leaders of the Ukrainian “Maidan”, supported by Europe and America, claimed about ‘European values’ and ‘tolerance’ and, at the same time, they sent the crown to smash administrative buildings, to burn people alive and kill human rights defenders. After the coup, newly-made Ukrainian ‘patriots’ unleashed an active lustration of power and decommunization, which affected a freedom of speech, movement and so-called tolerance that was propagandized during “Maidan”. Expressing a desire for world peace, the Ukrainian authority sent national battalions, consisting notorious thugs and bandits, who, together with a regular Ukrainian army, perpetrated a massacre in Donbass. So, if you follow the logic of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the residents of Donbass have no rights, all of them are guilty a priori, because decided to express their disagreement with the established criminal regime. The Ukrainian volunteer battalions continue to commit acts of violence in the occupied territories of Donbass, and these acts gradually spread all around the country. It has become a quite normal thing for Ukraine that high-profile crimes committed by ex-soldiers of “Azov” and “Tornado”, and they go unpunished in the most cases either immediately or later by means of pressuring on law enforcement and court.

The Ukrainian pensioners are, probably, the most rightless people in the world. They have worked all life for the benefit of their country, and now they have to live in appalling conditions and watch that everything they built is being plundered and destroyed. And what is more, having meager pensions, they are forced to pay a war tax. That is to say, they have to take an indirect part in sponsoring of neo-Nazi regime and the dismantlement of statehood. Pensioners of the DPR and the LPR have to prove to the Ukrainian authority that they are legally entitled to get a pension. It is regrettable that they have to appeal to the Ukrainian authority that deprived the pensioners of social payments and literally shelled cities of Donbass right in front their eyes. What are the Western human rights organizations thinking, taking into account the fact that the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine declared war on old people, single mothers, disabled people, orphans and other disadvantaged groups?

Regular appeals of the world community to Kiev to stop human rights violation, as statements of UN representatives, fall on deaf ears.

ʺThe impunity for committing such crimes…is unfair and makes to distrust government institutions. It calls for violence, damages efforts to create a stronger supremacy of law and impairs the prospects for reconciliation,ʺ the Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, Kate Gilmore said.

In my opinion, sooner or later the Ukrainian authority and its patrons have to bear responsibility for violation of the people’s rights who live in Donbass. When the time is due that understanding of this will give rise to doubt in the Western curators, will they want to share the responsibility or to repudiate their henchmen who wallowed in blood and corruption, remains to be seen. And there is no doubt that if the West chooses a second alternative, it will provide evidences of the Ukrainian authority’s crimes.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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