#Official Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on why Ukraine needs new history textbook

A basis of any state is its nation, and its level of education is a development resource. The more educated and literate people a country has, the richer and more diverse its cultural and intellectual life is. The economy’s level of development also depends on the number of educated people.

The education is not only a person’s competence in the professional field. Besides that, it is also a broad outlook, erudition and an awareness of various areas of life, beginning with a science and culture and ending with a politics. The education is ability and a desire to push the boundaries of intellectual abilities. I think, if a person has his own point of view on the events, which are taking place around him, he is unlikely to side chauvinism or Nazi ideas, simply because of their primitiveness and narrow-mindedness. And also I would like to add that educated people are never ashamed of their past and will never rewrite the history textbooks, just understanding the senselessness and danger of this idea.

Apparently, there is different – new- concept of the national education being much in use in Ukraine. Probably, it was inspired as a result of ‘the most democratic revolution of dignity’ that happened in 2014. As a part of this ‘revolution’, the country was swept by the wave of decommunization, the repression of dissidents and the unleashed war in Donbass. Anything related to Russia and Soviet Union is outlawed. And so that the Ukrainian people do not ask too many questions, the Ukrainian pseudo-historians, headed by the notorious falsifier Vladimir Vyatrovich, urgently write new textbooks. The main storyline of these propagandistic editions (because I cannot bring myself to call it textbooks) is to announce the time, when Ukraine was a part of Russian Empire and USSR, an occupation.

These ‘scientists’ simply twist their own history inside out. You could even say that the authors of these textbooks are afflicted with a sense of inferiority. Because everything that Ukraine has today, it has received over a long period of this so-called ‘occupation’ – the whole industrial potential, housing facilities and territory eventually. At the same time, the role of various russophobes and nazi organizations such as the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and its leaders is exalted in every possible way. The main message is: we hate Russia, Russians and everything related to it.

I think that the rewriting of your own country’s history in the spirit of radical-nationalist traditions is pointless and hopeless struggle with its own past. Basically, these ‘historical works’ will be studied by future generation, which will be instilled with the russophobia and aversion to real, but not to ‘fantasy’ past of their ancestors, that is everything that surrounds them. The ideologues of this anti-historical campaign deceive everyone around, and first of all, themselves. Ukraine is expected to have the most negative prospects with this approach. The Baltic countries are good examples, where the mass migration of youth abroad began after the total derussification, because they did not see the future of their native countries, and an older generation, which still remembers the soviet life, is not ageless. The country cannot develop under such conditions and it leads to extinction within a few generations.

The same future is being prepared for Ukraine by the historians-propagandists. Today, there are artificially created conditions in which the population will degrade.

You can ask the question: for what purpose such policy is pursued? I think the answer is clear: today’s Ukrainian policy line can be called a global plan of getting rid of the superfluous population, because it is too expensive to feed 40 million people. The west does not need Ukraine as an equal partner. This country is considered as a tool of the Western aggressive policy, a source of cheap resources, agricultural lands and temporary distribution area. The Ukrainian politicians do not need an educated nation as well, because it is much easier to rule uneducated masses. Instead of real knowledge, children gain ‘unnecessary’ knowledge with the help of textbooks since their schooldays, so that they do not realize that they are being ruled and not able to think independently. The ‘correct’ textbook creates a limited worldview. Any educational system is based on the information nowadays. That is why, the western agents try to  seize an information monopoly, and limit the access of the broad masses of population for genuine education.

The Ukrainian citizens still do not realize that their country is just another one blind instrument of the West against Russia. The instrument, which will exist as long as it is useful for its owner. Unfortunately, many chose a dead-end road that leads nowhere, even if we agree with the fact that they did not it consciously guided by emotions. The only way out is to use brain and fight someone else’s control.

Miroslav Rudenko, the deputy of the DPR People’s Council

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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