#Official Commentary of Olga Makeeva on attempts to glorify Nazism

In recent years, we hear about a revival of Nazism in the former USSR republics more and more often. The next proposal to memorialize the Nazis was made in Latvia this time. And it was made not informally but by the Seym. Though it sounded not from the parliamentary platform, but just on one of the social media, we shouldn`t ignore such statements.

The Balts soon forgot who freed them from the German-fascist invaders, who shed blood for their future, gave many thousands of lives for a peaceful sky overhead. Nowadays, according to the methodical guides that their new European friends from NATO send them, the Nazis are those who brought peace and prosperity, while the Soviet people are regarded as occupants.

The main political tendency of Latvia`s development is neither creation of new enterprises, nor development of technologies, nor mutually beneficial partnership with the neighbours but making an enemy of Russia and the Russians. Regular torchlight processions and persecution of the Russian speaking is the Baltic countries` current policy. Worst of all, it is instilled from childhood. Youth is constantly brainwashed by means of various NPOs controlled by the US Department of State and European sponsors. As a result of such activity, young people become radicalized, the generation has grown up which doesn`t remember or know its history. The Latvians themselves consider that fascism is being restored in the state, and they make up about one third of the population.

Surprisingly, the Europeans shut their eyes to this, though 115 countries of the 198 present at the session of the UN General Assembly voted for the UN Resolution combating glorification of Nazism, racial discrimination and xenophobia. Only representatives of the three countries voted against, such as Canada, the USA and Ukraine, but all European countries, except Serbia, abstained. Such frightening shortsightedness!

 The events in Ukraine showed to what indulgence and playing with neo-Nazis leads: when small radicalized neo-Nazi gangs determine the state`s future, fate of the people living in it, substitute for public authority and destroy legal framework of statehood. As a result, revolutionary need and commitment to the ideals of neo-Nazism are the supreme law. I would like to ask if Europe is satisfied with such result. Does it understand to what it will lead? Europe should realize the consequences of such actions, strongly condemn Ukraine`s current policy and employ all mechanisms in order to prevent development of a dangerous situation and conflict escalation in Donbass. Otherwise Ukraine would suffer soon!

The citizens of the Donetsk People`s Republic disapprove of tolerance towards Nazism and its adherents. The pain of losing their relations is familiar to almost every Soviet family.

The memory of ancestors proved to be the most vivid in Donbass. It helped us withstand the most difficult periods of 2014, when neo-Nazi gangs flocked here from all over the world. The example of our ancestors` courage, heroism and selflessness inspires us to struggle today. We`ll stand out! And we`ll win!

Olga Makeeva, People`s Council Deputy Chairman of the Donets People`s Republic

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