#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinskiy about bloodthirsty policy of “American democracy”

Information space is more often stressed by stunning news about terrorist attacks, wave of capture, scuffles with law enforcement officers and other events, which total result is mass casualties, panic and chaos. And, as a rule, such factors lead to the emergence of the focus civil war that is the main instrument of policy strategy of the American ruling elite.

Even the Americans themselves don’t deny the fact that the USA is the main sponsor of terror. There is a perception inside the country that the political circles deliberately replicate terror for the implementation of the imperialist plans through civil wars and internal expansion power.

Let me remind you how in 2013 sounded the protests of residents of the States against the policy of military intervention in the Syrian conflict: “I didn’t sign up for murder of the poor for the rich. No war with Syria!”.

If earlier American politics tried to hide the traces of their crimes in order not to tarnish the country’s image in the eyes of the world community, but today the number of public statements with aggressive context, where policy of terror is seen clearly, stands on the top of international scandals.

One of the latest threats from Western politicians came from the lips of former acting Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morrel in the American channel CBS, where he called “secretly” to kill the Russians and the Iranians in Syria.

“When we were in Iraq the Iranians provided weapons to the Shiite militias who were killing American soldiers. The Iranians made us pay. We have to make sure that the Iranians paid in Syria, we have to make the Russians pay,” Morrel said.

In turn, the US State Department refused to comment the statement that was made, explaining that the US position in relation to Syria and Russia is officially presented at briefing and conferences of the U.S. Secretary and the President of the USA.

In my opinion, Washington and its NATO satellites download world’s media charges against the Islamic terrorists. However, they are silent about those, who provoke terrorism by their policy of capture energy, enforces American “democracy” with a depraved culture, which leads to the destruction of traditional family foundations and the extinction of people. Such hype the West disguises against the independent states and those leaders, who refuse to abandon the slavish subordination to US imperialism…


Sergey Kondrykiskiy, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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