#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinskiy on Google’s ‘strong friendship’ with Hillary Clinton

We live in the era of the formation and bolster of informational influence on society. At the same time, media takes a leading position in the global control system and it managed to prove that it was able not only to leave its stamp on public opinion, but also to decide the fate of the most important events such as the election of the President or the recognition of the region’s independence.

Practically, without having any real power, the media is a sort of an isolated structure, with the help of which, the establishment, solving the problems of society management and bringing it into a desired state, achieves its goals.

The Internet has soaked into people’s consciousness long time ago, it took a role of a certain ‘authoritative advisor’ that was able to influence minds, to shape not only opinions, but also a mentality of users. The information, posted in the Internet, can be an effective instrument in the right hands and it actively assists in the recruitment of supporters for creating an army.

This practice has come into common use of the political elites of the West, when under ‘the protection of rights’ and ‘the humanitarian intervention’, the US and its satellites openly use tactics of the interference in the internal affairs of other countries, without concealing its national interest. The end justifies the means, even such as violence, aggression and genocide.

The manipulation possibilities of the US State Department with the help of information resources are truly limitless. Another example of the wire fraud of the western politicians is an incident, related to the presidential race in USA, which is a pre-election campaign of Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton’s collusion with fellow party members against her rival Bernie Sanders was exposed earlier. Her correspondence was posted in the Internet, which made clear the fact that the Democratic Party of the US tried to make senator from Vermont lose the intraparty primaries. At the same time, the media was pressured by using various manipulations with surveys.

It became clear recently that Hillary Clinton had decided to surprise everyone again and suggest the electorate a ‘right’ candidate for the presidency by means of the popular search engine Google and its function of query autocomplete. According to Harvard University professor, a senior psychologist American Institute of Behavioral Research and Technology Robert Epstein, this function quadrupled the number of votes – from 800 thousand to 3.2 million and the voters did not suspect they were manipulated! The scheme is extremely simple: on “Hillary Clinton” query, users received different variants of autocompleting from “Hillary Clinton president” or “Hillary Clinton wins” to “Hillary Clinton beautiful”. Any negative query about the candidate turned into polite compliments for Google users or the search engine did not give any results. There is quite different situation with other less popular search engines, compared to Google, such as Yahoo and Bing. You can see a lot different variants of “Hillary Clinton cri…” query, including “Hillary Clinton criminal”. It is hard to escape a conclusion that the world-famous corporation works in the image of Mrs. Clinton, shaping for her a favorable public opinion. The experts say that the negative queries are being removed and replaced manually, besides that, Google intentionally blocks sites where you can find articles, which compromise Clinton, so they are unavailable to search.

Apparently, is was not in vain, when Hillary pushed the idea of “Internet’s freedom” on the global scale as the US Secretary of State in the past. The development of digital support of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is headed by none other than the former head of Google, Eric Schmidt, who has never hidden his aim to put every Worldwide Web user under control. Evidently, people’s private lives are not inviolable either for Schmidt or for Google.

Of course, this scandal does not seem to be a fraud and it does not have legal responsibility for Google. However, according to the experts, this company has about 90% of search capabilities in the world today, so its influence on people’s minds and decisions is growing every day. And if a politician is implicated in any scandal of this magnitude, especially on the eve of the presidential elections, it is a big drawback. But it is not the case with Hillary Clinton. It’s not the first and won’t be the last sordid affair in her political career that confirms the fact that, for the sake of power, Mrs. Clinton is ready for a fraud, law violation, support of criminal regime; she is ready to justify violence and murder. It is difficult to predict anything in current situation, but I can say only one thing: “Lies and hypocrisy” is a motto, which the candidate for presidency Hillary Clinton adheres to.

Sergey Kondrykinskiy, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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