#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinskiy on hypocrisy of European Union and double standards of United States

When it comes to the West, you can safely imply double standards and hypocrisy of the ruling political elite – this conclusion follows from an interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the United States of America and European Union policy steps.

The Minister emphasized that the practice of double standards is not a novelty in elite circles of the West.

“The double standards are obvious. None of our Western partners didn’t come up with the idea to tell about Ukraine such things what is now said on the attempted coup in Turkey – that coups are unacceptable,” Sergey Lavrov in an interview to the Council of Foreign and Defense Policy of Russia said.

In my view, there is one scenario for both Ukraine and Turkey: by means of ‘grits in the bearings’ for the government that does not sit well with Washington, stove-piping and panic to foment a civil war, or so-called colour revolution in order to establish pro-Western dictatorship. In other words, to remove the dissent ones towards the creation of US hegemony. However, the key word in this process is “American”, not Western or European. In fact, the US see in the very Germany, France, Poland and other countries only pawns rather than equal partners on the global chessboard.

Europe has already felt the effects of friendship with America – it will just suffice to mention a migration crisis! And what can we say about the huge losses in the financial pocket of the European Union and spoiled relations with Moscow. Such relations between the EU and the US are not more than a political hypocrisy.

Let’s turn mind to only half a century ago, when the West eagerly covered up the crimes of the world dictators. Today, America and Europe are constantly fighting for ‘freedom and democracy’, but 50 years ago they completely patronized dictators – Batista, Somoza, Pinochet, who executed and took repressive actions against thousands of fellow citizens. Has West incriminated them in the violation of human rights?

Not only Western politicians, but also journalists and secular circles have become a hopeless liar so that even they are now entangled in their own lies. And, unfortunately for the West, it turned into a split of opinion and objectivity of perception.

In such situations, usually the usual people suffers that is doomed to betrayal, hunger, poverty and death – these are the main companions of any military conflict. So it was in Libya, Kosovo, Syria, Ukraine, and such a scenario can overtake the Turkish state.

I believe that as long as the Turkish government acts in the interests of its citizens and maintains friendly relations with the regional states and Eastern partners, the American unipolar world is doomed to failure. Naturally, the State Department interventionists understand it, so flows of fakes, economic blockades and support of various terrorist groups on the part of the US and their vassals will not break off. At least, as long as a team that takes care of its national interests, but not at the expense of other states, but by partnership and mutual respect, comes to power.

Sergey Kondrykinsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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