#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinskiy on information confrontation between West and Russia

Western imperialists cherish illusions about the fact that the power and authority of Russian and its allies can be undermined by means of propaganda and information diversion.

The United States with their political vassals are trying to create an image of Russia as a candidate for “world domination” in the media scene and to hype up the phantom of “Russian imperialism”. Western politicians have the most advanced information technologies and methods of consciousness manipulation.

The US and the EU’s anti-Russian political force intentionally distort the reality by means of the media, use a staged shooting in TV spots, shift focus and, sometimes, lie blatantly to the camera. For example, the spokesman of the White House Josh Ernest said that Moscow had not make any progress in the fight against ISIS in Syria, so it takes all successfully carried out operations of the US and the international coalition to itself. This is an outrageous lie, because the Russian side has never made any statements that could be, at least, indirectly called as taking credit for the US and the coalition’s merits, but it has done massively more during its stay in Syria. Besides that, the legitimate Syrian president Bashar al-Assad invited Russia to send in troops. Coalition forces, led by the US, violate the international law by being there and did not only manage to defeat ISIS during its stay in the country, but they also assisted the terrorists in firing at the Syrian Arab Republic by mistake (as the Americans say). What merits should be taken for credit? And this is just one example of outright lie and misrepresentation by the anti-Russian Western politicians.

The main method used by the Western propagandists is double standards backed by the ideological monopoly of public opinion. Using the ideological monopoly in the media space, the US and its satellites unleashed an unprecedented war against Russia. One of the examples of information confrontation is approving of a draft resolution entitled as “EU strategic communications with a view to counteracting propaganda” by the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, which state that Russia wages an information war against the European Union. We see another example, when the situation is literally turned upside down.

The Russian media is equated with ISIS in this document, which context can hardly be called objective. The Western media has a goal to equalize the Russian leadership with Islamic terrorists in the public perception with the help of media technologies. However, it is very problematic to do, because it is the Russian Aerospace Forces that strikes at the ISIS terrorists, while the US tries to protect them as soon as the situation takes a bad turn for Islamic terrorists.

However, despite all these tricks, the US and its allies are repulsed in response for the information aggression. This happens because Russia, first of all, has a clear position, based on the norms of the international law and principles of equity, and secondly, it has its own media, which delivers the objective position of Russia to the Western audience. Russia and its president Vladimir Putin gain more and more authority in the West. While the US is losing it. This is an objective reality, and any manipulation of consciousness cannot change it.

Sergey Kondrykinskiy, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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