#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinskiy on media’s role in ‘American democracy’

American freedom of speech continues to bind developed countries by means of national democracy and political correctness. In the era of globalization, when a nuclear explosion can be activated with only one button, an information technology takes a leading position in the arsenal of modern countries. In fact, the information becomes the main weapon in the formation of the current geopolitical picture of the world, which inventors and supporters of the American ‘pseudo-democracy’ could not help using it.

Thanks to the Worldwide Web, Washington disseminates its view of democracy and freedom of speech, forcing the world to live according the ‘American patterns’. In my opinion, it is nothing but misleading of the world public, which is being imposed with the concept of good and evil by the one-sided American position. The media has become a repressive mechanism in the White House’s policy that uses lies and slander instead of weapon.

A striking example of ‘American democracy’ was the incident with the Russian news agency Russia Today, which is broadcasted in the US. The columnist of New York Times attributed to Russia the intention to ‘use aggressively freedom of the press’ in order to influence on the US policy. The cooperation of TV stars Larry King and Ed Schultz with RT America channel is considered to be a proof of this ‘aggression’. The White House is convinced that Russia funds the channel ‘with the purpose of promoting its position in the world’, and Schultz and King play a role of Russian Trojan horse’s riders.

It is worth noting that it is not the first time when New York Times blames Russia for its ‘aggression’ against the West. And this August, New York Times published an article where it called dissemination of ‘false reports’ about the deployment of nuclear weapons by NATO in Sweden as ‘a powerful Russian weapon’.

The Brexit situation is not ignored either. According to the analysts, whose names are unknown, the newspaper writes that the English-language Russian media has influenced on the result of the UK’s exit campaign from the UN.

Despite of the West’s public accusations of Russian ‘aggression’ and attempts to defame the Kremlin’s policy, the US will not be able to clear its name from the hypocrisy and double standards. One can only sympathize with the allies of the American “democratic peace” because they have become hostages of the American freedom.

And do not forget that the American media is far from ‘democratic’ and ‘independent’.

The democracy is a freedom of choice, and the ‘American democracy’ is a choice that was made for you…

Sergey Kondrykinskiy, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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