#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinskiy on politicization of Olympic Movement

The Cold War takes a new modern form, the political struggles are unfolding on the sport field now. Rio Olympics was another reason for anti-Russian hysteria of the West, where the main instruments of the Russian discredit were slander, speculation and informational myths.

The main political scandal of the last week was an incident with the spread out Russian flag during the opening ceremony of the Paralympics in Rio. The international Paralympic Committee denied an accreditation of the Belorussian delegation’s member who carried the Russian flag during the procession of athletes.

The use of double standards in politics, which the West used as a tool for such events as “Eurovision” and the Olympics, has become an absolute norm for achieving a purpose. By all appearance, this list of international events, where it is possible to hurt Russian dignity, is not limited. By the way, why did the International Paralympic Committee decide that the carrying of Russian flag was a political move, but the barring of the Russian Paralympic team and the ban of the flag were not?

We should not forget that the sport has been a scene of a high level confrontation between Russia, the East and the West. On the one hand, sporting wins in international competitions are a matter of prestige for each country. On the other hand, the politicization of sport today is a possibility to show strength not in a clean fight, but on the political scene, more simply, it is cheating.

Unfortunately, as it was said before, justice, equality and nobility abandoned politics and these principles abandoned the sport today as well. I sincerely hope that the division into ‘us’ and ‘them’ will not spoil the Olympic movement and sport will not be a form of geopolitical wars on the global scale…

Sergey Kondrykinskiy, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The Official website of the DPR People’s Republic

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