#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinskiy on situation related to closure of accounts of Russia Today in UK

For the past few weeks scandal around the international Russian TV channel Russia Today which offices are located in many countries around the world is continuing. In connection with the information campaign waged by the US and its allies against Russia, the RT’s activity causes growing interest around the world, since this channel provides an alternative point of view for the Western viewers. This, in turn, causes irritation in the Western elite that would like to have a monopoly on the ability to shape public opinion.

Seeing a growing competitor in the RT, which cannot be overcome in the field of information confrontation, Western politicians are trying to get rid of the annoying for them Russian channel by directly blocking its activity. NatWest Bank closed the accounts of the Russian TV channel Russia Today’s headquarter in the UK. The Russian Foreign Ministry’s Commissioner for Human Rights Konstantin Dolgov described the event as a manifestation of censorship and violation of rights of the very UK citizens for freedom of expression, which is so fond of saying about the Western political elite when it is convenient.

The matter did not end up with closing of accounts. Since convincing reasons for closing the channel have not been submitted, the usual propaganda techniques came into play. British Broadcasting Corporation BBC released in connection with this event the material in which they tried to expose the Russian TV channel to all mortal sins. However, according to Russian MFA spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, BBC was unable to find any incriminating information that could concern the RT. Maria Zakharova believes that the material was fabricated to create in the information field a certain background in relation to this event – ‘lees’, which would intentionally present the RT for the Western audience in a negative light.

Official London denies their actions against the Russian news resource, stating that this decision is purely the NatWest’s business, and politics has nothing to do with it. Commenting on the position of London, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that “it is clear as day” that it wasn’t NatWest that decided to close the accounts: “No bank can make such decisions on its own.” There is another proof of double standards on the part of the Western democracies. Apparently, for the Western political elite hypocrisy is more profitable than freedom of speech, or justice.

The implementation of such techniques in the information confrontation for the USA and the EU is not news, but policy of double standards is just a hallmark of Western political elite. However, the Russian side with accentuated correctness responds to all the provocative attacks, and such a position, despite the efforts of Western politicians is gaining sympathy among the audiences in Europe and the United States.

Sergey Kondrykinskiy, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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