#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinskiy on use of ‘Russian card’ in American TV debates

Last TV debates between the candidates for the US Vice-President Michael Pence and Tim Kaine predictably touched upon the relationship with Russia. According to the popularity and emotional tension, the ‘Russian card’ is one of the aces in the election race for the presidency.

Undoubtedly, the key issues, which are being discussed at the global political grounds, are not considered without Russia’s participation. Moreover, the leaders of the many countries considered only one opinion – the US’s one. Now, the international community watches the position of Moscow.

In my opinion, almost all key players on the geopolitical arena in XXI century up to a certain point (in my opinion, up to the reunification of Crimea with Russia) did not even think that the opinion different from the US’s opinion has a chance of success. Besides, no one thought that some pro-government political teams had to be responsible for the US’s crimes. The American Democrats and Republicans talk openly about it, convincing voters of the determination of their future programmes.

Trump’s accusations of Obama-Clinton’s team are presented with an emphasis on the weakness of the policy. It is not surprising, because the Americans respect power, sign of which is the public worship of the world powers for the only world leader, the United States. Here are some of those topics brought up by the Republicans during debates: Obama-Clinton’s policy turned out to be weak, when “the US decided to leave Iraq”; “the US was forced to pull out of the talks about ceasefire in the SAR, while Putin deployed an antimissile defence in Syria”; “the EU would not impose sanctions without pressure and it can drop them soon”; “the US did not deployed a missile shield in the Czech Republic and Poland, because they did not want to offend the Russians” and so on.

The accusations of Clinton’s team against Trump sound strange sometimes, even for the American partners. For example: ʺYou, guys, love Russiaʺ. So what? Is it bad or is it something people have to be embarrassed about? And what if some European declares love for the US? Can we blame him for that?

Anyway, all participants of the election campaign realize the importance of future US relations with Russia. The Washington Post published an article under the presumptuous title “Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is on the ballot in the U.S. election” at the end of debates.

Donald Trump earned respect of the American electorate during campaigning rally in Arizona. According to him, ʺRussia has violated all agreements and it is bombing and shooting in Syria, and the Russian Federation has no respect either to the US or to the leaders of our countryʺ. Everyone knows about the fact that the Russian Federation does not develop mutual understanding with the leaders of the US and, as a matter of fact, with Obama-Clinton team. Making such statement, Donald Trump tries to make it plain that Russia will respect the US leaders after his victory in elections. It is funny how the Ukrainian media presented it: Trump criticizes Moscow for not respecting Obama.

The American society has saturated with capitalism that the priority of so-called American dream lie in a material welfare. There is nothing wrong with that, because it is their choice and that is why pro-presidential Clinton’s team cannot stay in power. The owners of transnational corporations are well aware of the fact that they can earn money not only by means of armed conflicts. The influential Americans realize that to display brute strength, as they did in Iraq, Libya and Yugoslavia, against Russia is ineffective. Even if all Western tabloids will be saying over and over again that NATO’s combat potential is more powerful that Russian one, there will not be a desire to bomb, as it was in Montenegro. Because either this victory will have an unacceptable damage at least or no one will survive the fight with the ‘Russian bear’.

Obama scared the American society and its allies by ranking the Russian army in top two worldwide.  The result of militant Clinton’s rhetoric is opposite to the expected one at the State Department, that Trump uses effectively. It turns out that the “Russian card” in the hands of the White House turned from the ace of trumps into a burned card. Money loves peace, the Americans love money, and they have something to lose, so the current policy of the State Department is doomed to failure, even if Clinton continue it.

Sergey Kondrykinskiy, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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