#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinsky on another Ukrainian provocation in Crimea

On November 16, 2016, the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly on Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs took the Ukraine’s draft resolution on human rights in the Crimea. The Ukrainian resolution appeals to Russia to admit the UN observers to the territory of Crimea and condemns discrimination on the peninsula. With the help of this resolution, Ukraine and the political circles, which are behind it, are trying to discredit the will of citizens of the Republic of Crimea, who expressed the will to join the Russian Federation two years ago.

The Ukrainian authorities and the Western political circles do not give up hoping to provoke Russia into conflict associated with the Crimea. At the same time, the Ukrainian special services do not distain to organize undisguised terrorist acts. On August 7 and 8, the Russian Federal Security Service’s border patrol and Special Forces stopped the Ukrainian terrorist groups’ breakthrough to the Crimea. The second attempt to destabilize the situation in Crimea was prevented by the FSS officers on November 11. On November 21, 2 people involved in this case were arrested.

And on November 21, it became known about the egregious case of kidnapping of two Russian military officers by the State Security Service of Ukraine. Kidnapping, sabotage, terrorism have become standard tools used by the special services of Ukraine.

What is behind these unsuccessful attempts of Ukraine to destabilize the situation in the Crimea and to make Russia responsible for that? And the Ukrainian politicians, who give the special services orders, and their Western curators understand that to return the Crimea, which has become a part of Russia in compliance with all norms of international law, is impossible. However, the goal is to create a reason in the information field to accuse Russian Federation of some cases of discrimination in the Crimea, using the UN as a platform. At the same time, Ukraine itself demonstrates terrible examples of political and linguistic discriminations and does not distain to organize terrorist acts and kidnappings in the Crimea. Such methods are not acceptable in the modern world for a democratic and constitutional state Ukraine wants to look like for the West.

On the other hand, after the Donald Trump’s election as the US president, the Western elite understands that they have to negotiate with Russia. And the West wants to lend a maximum political weight to the subject of recognition of the Crimea as a part of Russia in order to bargain for concessions for it in other areas, such as Donbass and Syria. However, Russian diplomats have many counterarguments. There is a Kosovo’s precedent, where any referendums have never been hold and many other ones. In addition, attempts to organize terrorist acts and kidnappings in the Crimea’s territory produce an image of a terrorist state in the perception of the world public. And, as you know, no one negotiate with terrorists in the civilized world. That is why, customers and executors of such events should think whether the game is worth the candle?

Sergey Kondrykinsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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